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Whose game is in Surgut?

8 November we will have the second home match of Gazprom-Yugra, rival – Nizhny Novgorod Association of Sports Clubs or simply ASK. Ever since the days of “Gubernia,” our fights with the Volga residents have been quite epic in nature. The upcoming meeting is unlikely to be an exception, despite severe turbulence, in which ASK found itself in the current off-season. The victory over Kuzbass played a cruel joke on the Volga team. Read more »

First victory!

Rivals at the start, periodically exchanging breaks, got to the balance 10:10, after which the Surgut team went into the lead: Krsmanovic starred, Korotaev scored an ace, and after the block, Radjab converted Biryukov to the final game, 13:10. Then the diagonal Surgut player forced the opponent to throw the ball out of the playing area with a crazy powerful serve, 16:12. Sosnovoborets' time-out did not improve the situation: another powerful serve from Radjab and Ivovic sends the ball into touch, and the gap in the score reaches five points.

Debut in native walls

On Sunday, Gazprom-Yugra will play its first home match in the PARI Super League of the Russian Championship, opponent – ​​“Dynamo-LO” from Sosnovy Bor. Our guests are called “atomic” after the main sponsor, Rosatom, but there is something explosive in this team even without reference to the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, located in Sosnovy Bor. Three years ago, Dynamo were fighting for survival in the Super League, but Read more »

YUKIOR is the leader of MVL

The Gazprom-Yugra youth team returned from the second round of the MVL championship as the leader of the standings. The team has seven wins in eight matches, including four out of four in Ufa. In the treasury of Ugra residents 22 points, Kuzbass-2 is two points behind, by 18 points in the assets of the capital's Dynamo-Olympus, "Fakela-2" and "Dynamo-LO-2". Compared to the first round, the team lost support Read more »

Millimeters from victory

"Torch" (New Urengoy): Enns-Vyshnikov, Babkevich-Dineykin, Kovalchuk-Melnikov, Danani "Gazprom-Yugra" (Surgut): Shakhbanmirzaev-Ozhiganov, Katich-Korotaev, Krsmanovych-Tarasenko, Obmochaev Sergei Grankin, who was injured, was absent from Fakel’s lineup, and this factor affected the quality of the hosts’ passes in the opening match. But this does not negate the spirit and quality of the guests’ play - the Surgut team immediately got down to business. Ace Ozhiganova - 4:1. Korotaev knocks out of the move Read more »

Torch Challenge

Gazprom-Yugra will hold the second round of the Russian Championship in the PARI Super League 21 October in Novy Urengoy. At the site of the DS "Zvezdny" we will meet with the conditionally local "Fakel" - the team, based in Moscow, but playing near the Arctic Circle. In the off-season "Torch", finished seventh in the last championship, contributed only one, but a very important change: appeared on the site Read more »

YUKIOR is on schedule

In the second match of the second round of the MVL in Ufa, YUKIOR achieved a dry victory over the home team, "Berkuts of the Urals" - 25:17, 25:22, 25:22. Despite the score, the game was not a cakewalk for our youth. Except that in the first game everything was more or less calm for the Ugra people. The second set proceeded in an equal fight, and closer to the end “Golden Eagles Read more »

Petar KRSMANOVI?A: "The bride is watching me"

Our first conversation with the young and talented Petar Krsmanovic took place seven years ago, when he first came to Surgut. At that time he was not a very well-known player in the big volleyball world., whose name everyone learned a year later: he topped the ranking of the best central blockers in the Super League, established himself in the Serbian national team, becoming a top-level player. Later Read more »

They fought, were wrong, and able to bring fresh notes to the game Denis Shenkel

"Belogorye" (Belgorod): Poroshin – Podrebinkin, Tetyukhin - Masliev, Tsepkov – Chervyakov, Bragin, Meek. "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Katich - Korotaev, Krsmanovych - Tarasenko, Obmochaev, Nagaec. For the first set of the championship, the Surgut team, seem to be, forgot to go out. Knocking Korotaev out of the move, the hosts quickly achieved a comfortable advantage (5:2), but were a little delayed in the formation with a diagonal in the fourth zone (6:5). Read more »

Introducing the opponent: Belgorod to Tula

14 October Gazprom-Yugra starts in the PARI Super League of the Russian Championship. Place: g. Brick, MSC "Tula-Arena" / Rival: "Belogorye", Belgorod Regalia: 8-multiple champion of Russia, 9-multiple winner of Russian championships, 8-multiple winner of the Russian Cup, three-time Champions League winner, two-time winner of the CEV Cup, winner of the CEV Challenge Cup, club world champion. Composition: binders Poroshin, Chekmizov; diagonal Al-Khachdadi, Podrebinkin; finishers Tetyukhin, Zhang, Read more »