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The shortest exit: emotions cannot be avoided

It is pointless to paint the history of the confrontation between Gazprom-Yugra and its neighbors from Yugra-Samotlor: I hang out, as they say, families. Long, persistently, fundamentally. Nizhnevartovsk thundered at the dawn of Russian volleyball, then for a long time Surgut dictated its terms, and sometimes there was no one to dictate, in the last couple of years, our neighbors have bypassed us in the standings. The significance of a particular match is also difficult to overestimate.: everyone has it Read more »

Round three: dynamo at its zenith?

Dynamo, As you know, this is a DC generator. Zenith - the highest point of a celestial body. Electro-astronomical confrontation in Moscow will become, certainly, not only the main event of the tour, but also one of the most interesting confrontations in the championship. Duel Mikhailov - Sokolov, Pankov – Christensen, Deru vs former team, etc.. Lots of personal intrigue., but volleyball is still a team game Read more »

It's a draw, but that doesn't happen in volleyball

Starting lineups "Gazprom-Yugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Botin, Piun - Ionov, Kabeshov/Nagaec. "Kuzbass": Rukavishnikov - Klets, Markin - Pakshin, Shcherbakov - Lobyzenko, Turdumamatov. "Kuzbass" in the most dramatic match beat "Gazprom-Ugra" with a minimal advantage. And the match started with a vigorous jerk of the hosts - 8:3. Nikita Alekseev scored five points on the move, and two out of three points for guests Read more »

First home: all at the Premier Arena!

The first home match in the championship of Russia 2022-2023 Gazprom-Ugra will hold 9 October against Kemerovo "Kuzbass". The history of confrontation between our clubs is long and replete with various collisions. Us, eg, always nice to remember, how did we get around to 2017 the team of Thomas Sammelvuo in the fight for getting into the Final Six. But "Kuzbass" beat us in recent years, when the club stepped confidently Read more »

Second round: the same in profile

It was not difficult to predict the results of the first round in most matches - due to the obvious difference in class between rivals. We hoped, that we will fight in Belgorod, but it didn't work out. What is the second tour preparing for us? Roughly the same: we have a lot of obvious and a little bit incredible. The obvious "Yenisei" will move from St. Petersburg in the neighborhood to Sosnovy Bor, but hardly Read more »

where the match ended in a mirror image - the victory of the Ugra team in a tie-break with the same score, were wrong, conceded

Starting Lineups. "Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Ionov, Makarenko - Botin, Kabeshov, Nagaec. "Belogorye": Poroshin - al-Khachdadi, Filippov - Chervyakov, Tetyukhin - Masliev, Bragin, Meek. All three sets of the debut match in the championship of Russia, the Surgut team lost with approximately the same score, although the scenarios of the game in each game were completely different. At the start, ace Vadim Ozhiganov brought Read more »

First tour in Belgorod: ten years later

Ten years ago, 29 september 2012 of the year, in the first round of the Russian Championship, Gazprom-Ugra beat Belogorye on its site with a score of 3:0. What is characteristic - won "Gazprom-Ugra" from Belgorod and in the second round on its site. And then Belogorye became the champion of Russia. A story from a decade ago lays out a simple truth: gods don't burn pots. Now before us again Read more »

"We have a lot of things left unsaid, we'll have our say"

A pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Ugra volleyball club with the participation of General Manager Vladimir Kondusov was held at the Premier Arena Sports Complex, head coach Alexander Gorbatkov and team captain Dmitry Makarenko. About team renewal Alexander Gorbatkov: The team before the current season has changed half of the composition, in the current realities, this is a serious change. For, so that the game is stable and corresponding to the level of the Super League, need time. we Read more »

Gazprom-Ugra will answer questions

29 September in 13.00 in SC "Premier Arena", str. Bystrinskaya, house 18/4, the traditional pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Ugra volleyball club will take place. It will be attended by the general manager of the club Vladimir Kondusov, Head coach of the team Alexander Gorbatkov, coach Denys Harkushenko, team players. We invite journalists from the mass media of Surgut and Ugra to participate.

Didn't buy a tie

Nothing already decided from a tournament point of view (both teams reached the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia) the final match between Kazan and Surgut suddenly turned into a good show. The hosts put up the best squad available, and the guests suddenly remembered the times, when there were no diagonals in volleyball nature, but there were two binders on the site at once. Vadim Ozhiganov Read more »