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conceded, but didn't lose

"Miners" (Soligorsk): Wrestling - Avdochenko, Marchenko - Rich, Fiel – Kozitsyn, Zaborovsky/Drapchinsky

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Katich - Korotaev, Krsmanovych - Tarasenko, Nagaec

In the first game the hosts went ahead from the mark 13:12 on 16:12 due to our mistakes. After Nikita Alekseev's shot into touch, he is replaced by Vyacheslav Rudnev, removed, but he doesn’t put the ball in the court himself, 18:13. Shakhtar did not lose the comfortable advantage they gained, and the decisive ball was given to the hosts by Ivan Skvortsov, who came on instead of Milan Katic - he broke the move and hit it into touch.

In the second game, Rudnev remained on the court and looked good: opened an account, scored twice more, but Bogatko’s ace from the rope and Kurash’s block to his counterpart Ozhiganov on the passing ball form the Soligorsk team’s advantage, 7:5. They immediately grab Korotaev and Marchenko increases the distance, 8:5. Then the countdown began: Korotaev corrects himself in the fourth zone, Shakhtar's libero floats on a glider, Avdochenko shoots out, 8:8.

The home team leads again, the guests compare again, 17:17. Two mistakes by Korotaev (kick out and block) give Shakhtar a strategic advantage in the end, 20:17, but Ivan again works on his mistakes - he scores and knocks Bogatko out of the move, Krsmanovic confidently deals with the passing ball, 20:19. Fiel is filming, and the poor reception of the Surgut team drives Katic under a triple block, 22:19. All? Katic scores a fast ball, block covers richly in four, and Krsmanovic puts an ace in the conflict zone, 22:22!

Another block on Bogatko brings a set point to the Surgut team, 23:24. The nervous ending ends with Korotaev’s effective attack on a triple block in a protracted rally, 24:26.

At the start of the third set, Korotaev continues to swing: Avdochenko hits a single block twice in a row, 4:1 in favor of the owners. Ozhiganov corrects the situation with an ace, 3:4. Krasikov, who came on instead of Korotaev, first hits out, then scores twice, Avdochenko's spade reduces the distance to a minimum 10:9. But Shakhtar is running ahead again: readable passes Krsmanovic eats a block, Kurash breaks the serve with an ace through the rope, and Petar allows a microscopic touch of the mesh, 16:11.

"Miners", Nevertheless, once again makes his fans worry in an already won, it would seem that, ending. Torch timeout - and Dineikin confidently withdraws in the fourth zone 22:16 Nikita Alekseev, who returned to the court paired with Maxim Kirillov, worsens the reception statistics of Soligorsk, and Korotaev decides over and over again the final games in the fourth zone, bringing Gazprom-Yugra five points in a row - 22:21! But this time it wasn't enough: Ivan feeds into the net, Kirillov gets his 23rd point with a set point discount, but everything is decided by confident rent through Avdochenko.

In the fourth game, Kirillov and Alekseev remained on the court, and Gazprom-Yugra did not postpone the matter this time: Katic created a masterpiece on Korotaev’s tight knockout serves, winning back the ball from the triple block, flying from behind the head, Krsmanovich closed Kozitsyn's net options, and Bogatko twisted from four by four into a net, 3:6. The owners immediately respond with their “three rubles”, including Avdochenko's ace and Alekseev's block, 6:6.

Swimming in the reception Richly changes Mehich, but Korotaev doesn’t care, who to apply to – ace through Shakhtar's Serbian finisher, 11:15. From about this moment on, Gazprom-Yugra plays collectedly, with a minimum of errors, systematically moving the hosts away from the net and depriving Kurash of variability - and then the Soligorsk attackers will be lucky. Lucky every other time, so we didn't give the difference, coming to set points in comfortable conditions, 20:24 after Alekseev's attack. Another knocked out move from Shakhtar, Mehich in the double team saved the emergency ball, but he himself served out and brought the Surgut team victory in the set.

The most interesting thing is in the tiebreaker, as known, occurs after changing sides. After 8:6 in favor of Shakhtar, the Surgut team had a magnificent chance to equalize the score, but Alekseev did not score on a clean net: Kirillov showed a great attack and threw the ball to the diagonal, who for a split second did not have time and did not invest in the blow. Avdochenko’s answer to the block was accurate, 9:7. And then Korotaev throws it into the block, and after the time-out, Kirillov repeats his “feat” - 11:7. All?

And again the residents of Surgut find resources for the chase. Korotaev performs twice in the fourth zone, and Rudnev, who came out as part of a double substitution, scores two aces - 11:11. Another ace by Korotaev puts the Surgut team ahead, 12:13… It would seem, emotional superiority completely goes to Gazprom-Yugra, but this is where the command mechanism misfires. Ivan knocks out the receivers again, emergency high ball goes to Bogatko in the fourth zone, and our blockers decide not to block, I decided, that he will play it off on his fingers: the striker confidently places the ball into the court. In the fight for match point, Rudnev’s attack is raised in defense and Bogatko again puts the ball there - only this time on a triple block. And then Krsmanovic hits the ball – pure bad luck...

You can be upset about the defeat in Minsk, meaning the result. But in terms of the game, the Surgut team looked very decent against a serious opponent. Finally, Ivan Korotaev said a weighty word, I was pleased with the variability of binders and diagonals, the overall gaming tone was much higher, than in Krasnoyarsk. I wish I could remove a little more from my own marriage... This, as they say, wish for the future, in which there is reason to look with optimism.



Date Time Championship
29.11.2023 21:00 CR 2023-2024


Miner (Soligorsk)25242521153
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)18262325132


g. Minsk / DS "Uruchye"

Miner (Soligorsk)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS