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To the East

After the victory over Ural, Gazprom-Yugra goes to the easternmost point of the PARI Super League - Krasnoyarsk. Already on Wednesday we will have to take to the court against a very strong and worthy opponent in all respects, "Yenisei".

In recent years, Krasnoyarsk residents have been in the so-called strong middle peasants, this season the team has noticeably strengthened and is demonstrating very nice team volleyball. Enisey has won against ASK, "Kuzbass" and "Ural", in the passive – defeats from “Dynamo-LO”, Fakel and Shakhtar.

Among the off-season acquisitions, it is worth highlighting the arrival from Dynamo-LO of the young left-handed diagonal Roman Murashko, replacing Dmitry Yakovlev in this position, and the transfer from St. Petersburg “Zenith” of the well-known Kirill Ursov. Kirill began his career in the Super League at Gazprom-Yugra, was the captain of our team, and today he became a system-forming player for “Yenisey”. The center of the grid also received serious reinforcement., where two newcomers now dominate - experienced Igor Filippov and Sergey Busel.

Maxim Kreskin, who came from Samotlor, successfully competes with Konstantin Osipov for the position of a connecting player.. by the way, Kreskin and Murashko – pupils of Novosibirsk, and managed to play a lot together at the junior level. Enisey also exchanged players with ASK - Nikita Kukhno arrived in Krasnoyarsk, and Ivan Valeev returned to Nizhny.

All the recruits arrived at the court, five of them (Ant, Kreskin, The place of the second central was taken by a native of Nizhnevartovsk Maxim Kosmin, Stork, Filippov) we, probably, We'll see you in the starting lineup against Gazprom-Yugra. We'll see, of course, and team captain libero Alexander Yanutov, also played for our team for a long time, but in recent years, firmly associated with “Yenisei”.

But will finisher Semyon Dmitriev appear on the court?, injured in the third round match, - question. Semyon is a fairly serious attacking option. Also, the diagonal Vitaly Fetsov is always able to strengthen the game, successfully replaced Murashko in the first rounds, which Roman missed, recovering from injury. “Yenisey” also has other potential opportunities in the square.

Historically, matches in Krasnoyarsk generally go well for our team: since Enisey returned to the Super League in 2015 we won away seven times this year, losing only twice. It was, eg, and last season - we beat Enisey in Krasnoyarsk 3:1 almost exactly a year ago, 19 November 2022 of the year. A new page will be written in the history of the confrontation between Gazprom-Yugra and Yenisei 22 November of this year and so far only one thing can be said with confidence: the match will not be a cakewalk for either opponent.