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The cup is not ours: results of preparation

Preparation for the season through masochism was a success - Gazprom-Yugra, at the end of the cup battles, lost in an unspecified mast to Yenisei 2:3, although I could have won and come out at least some positive before the start of the championship. But the people of Surgut are not looking for easy ways. There is no point in describing the match against Krasnoyarsk, we saw nothing fundamentally new. However, not worth it Read more »

Plus libero, minus the diagonal

The fate of the first set of the match against Kuzbass was decided in the opening - 0:5 and woo a la. Cannot be said, that the people of Surgut just failed, but the lack of aggression on the grid was successfully used by the Kemerovo team in their favor. Further it was enough for "Kuzbass" to keep the distance, what they did: a good reception performed by Gazprom-Yugra and a seemingly well-established game from Read more »

Already better, but not good yet

The game with Lokomotiv left a controversial aftertaste, but gave hope. Surgut residents are progressing - first of all, in the desire to fight and look for their chances in the game with a obviously stronger opponent. Novosibirsk took part in the game with Ilyas Kurkaev, who returned from the national team, and Gordon Perrin, who was gaining shape., we have Kirill Kostylenko at the start. The first set has just become Read more »

Gazprom-Yugra is still looking for itself

The meeting with Ugra-Samotlor showed, that Gazprom-Yugra is still at the stage of developing the gaming space. Almost the entire first set of Surgut were in the lead, at times increasing their dominance to a large: 11:7, 17:14. Managed to more or less cope with Maxim Sapozhkov, Maxim Shpilev was captured in the fourth zone, Rajab Shahbanmirzayev regularly earned points, newcomer Ilya Kovalev entered the game well ... All, what Read more »

We invite everyone to the pre-season press conference

28 September in 12.00 a pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Ugra VC will take place. We invite everyone to ask your questions.! Participants: Khabibullin Rafael Talgatovich - head coach, general manager. Malyshev Anton Mikhailovich - senior coach Dmitry Makarenko - team captain Ilya Kovalev - team player Press conference host Dmitry Krukovets Venue: SC "Premier Arena" Surgut Bystrinskaya st., d.18 / 4

To Novosibirsk with Kovalev as part of

The second round of the preliminary part of the Russian Cup will start in Novosibirsk tomorrow. The home tour has become an enticing one for Gazprom-Yugra - as a result, the residents of Surgut have so far only a gradual set of playing conditions.. The past week was marked by training in Surgut, the team went to Novosibirsk in a good mood. On the eve, Ilya, the outplayer of the Ukrainian national team, joined his partners Read more »

day five: fight and seek

Gazprom-Yugra tried to hook something at the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv, who, after four victories, rotated the roster, releasing at the base of Nickel, Tkacheva and Komarova. But Sergey Savin was also on the court - he distinguished himself in the opening of the match, scoring five times in attack, 9:10. From the middle of the set, residents of Surgut began distributing breaks: Alekseev hits out-of-bounds on the line, Read more »

Day four: on the swing

Gazprom-Yugra has once again demonstrated all the "delights" of preseason volleyball, starting the game with "Yenisei" with a heap of his own mistakes. Nikita Alekseev alone managed to make "-4" in the opening – perhaps, these points were just not enough in the end, 22:25. On the other hand, in the second batch, the Surgutyans' serve flew, which literally crushed Krasnoyarsk residents - 25:15. Alekseev found himself, good Read more »

Day three: without admission and submission

Thursday took place, let's call it so, trial Ugra derby, in which "Ugra-Samotlor" appeared as a more collected team with a pronounced attacking leader in the person of Maxim Sapozhkov. Surgut residents are still damp, especially in the line of spikers. Paradox - the choice of players is as rich as ever, and there is no one to lead the team. In the opening of the first set, the hosts' advantage reached the mark 9:6, Read more »

Second day: without owners

The first to face off on Wednesday were Yugra-Samotlor and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv. Denis Chereiskaya, Oleksiy Rodychev, Plamen Konstantinov could have some romantic feelings at the "Premier Arena", but most likely thought about, how to have a successful debut match of the season. They succeeded quite well, although nizhnevartovsk residents resisted conscientiously. true, in the first game, a special struggle did not work out - with 17:15 Novosibirsk Read more »