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Championship ended in victory

Final volleyball day of the season 2020/2021 in the Russian Super League took place in Surgut. The teams lined up in the ranking table the day before, but the two remaining games still took place. In the first meeting, the youth of "Belogorya" remained more motivated – and she managed to finish the championship with a victory. In the first two sets, the opponents parted with a minimal advantage, first took the top "Belogorye", 26:24, Read more »

Two surprises of the second day

The second game day in Surgut brought two surprises at once. The first one happened in the youth match between Belogorya and the experienced Dynamo-LO. We immediately note, that a connecting Kazbanov and a central blocking Zabolotnikov appeared on the site of the Belgorod residents, and Yaroslav Vasilenko set the optimal lineup, beaten on the eve of "Oilman". But the mood of the pine conquerors was clearly lame, and at "Belogorya" the serve flew. The first tangible break Read more »

Passed "Belogorie"

In the first match of the home game round for 11-14 places "Gazprom-Yugra" in three sets with the same score 25:19 beat "Belogorie" in each. Kirill Kostylenko, who was injured, did not enter the site of Surgut, Kirill Fialkovsky was a worthy substitute for him. The rest of the lineups were the same, what they played in Orenburg. The opponents in the opening set made a lot of mistakes on Read more »

Played on moral and strong-willed

Gazprom-Yugra and Dynamo-LO staged a real thriller goodbye in Orenburg. In the debut game, break balls were a museum rarity, and the whole game of the team walked nose to nose.. In the end, Yakutin's block to Abrosimov made the situation a little more comfortable for us, 21:19, but then the same Yakutin three times in a row did not even try to help close Botin, good Read more »

Beat the owners dry

The last dry victory "Gazprom-Yugra" won almost three months ago, 4 January, and today in Orenburg the owners were defeated in three parties. 3:0 - this is a very good result considering the need to play three matches in a row. After the "five-hat" game with "Belogorye" for tomorrow's game with "Dynamo-LO", the maximum possible strength is preserved. All three sets with slight variations went through Read more »

Suffered from the Belgorod youth

Gazprom-Yugra lost in five games to talented Belgorod youth, with enough talents for the most important. In the opening of the match, however, nothing foreshadowed such a development of events: Surgut players confidently dominated the court due to a more accurate and collected game, as evidenced by the score of the first batch, 25:15. And in the second set, "Belogorya" had a serve - first, ace issued Read more »

The finish line starts in Orenburg

Gazprom-Yugra together with Neftyanik, Dynamo-LO and Belogorye enter the fight for 11-14 seats, the first round starts 2 April in Orenburg. Initially, the so-called play-out was not planned in the Super League calendar, because just "out" is not provided for this season - the league is closed from relegation. Fight for survival, in this way, loses its meaning and turns into a training Read more »

A well-deserved reward

Rafael Khabibullin, head coach of the Gazprom-Yugra VC, received a letter of gratitude from Valentina Matvienko, Chair of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, with the wording: “For many years of conscientious work, great contribution to the development and promotion of physical culture, sports and healthy lifestyle ". The gratitude was presented 25 March in a solemn atmosphere in the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. All, who knows Rafael Talgatovich, agree, what Read more »

No game, but with character

In the first set of the match with Zenit St. Petersburg, Gazprom-Yugra hit like Ostap Bender, just not under a horse, and under the block of owners. 8 effective actions of Zenit in this element became as a result of skill, and creative search of Surgutyans. The desire to play fast is closely associated with risk., which time after time did not live up to expectations. As a result 15:25. In the second Read more »