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All words are spoken

The penultimate guest point of "Gazprom-Ugra" in the regular season - Krasnoyarsk. Here on Saturday, 22 February, we may fight with the local "Yenisei". This season, Alexander managed the Klimkin, that did not work before him Yuri Cherednik and Lubomir Travitsy - Krasnoyarsk create a truly efficient collective. In the "Yenisei" played Alexey Spiridonov, Antonin Rouziers, Paul Carroll, Nicolas Marechal, Read more »

in the balance

Surgut I almost got to return the favor for the defeat of the Nizhniy Novgorod Surgut: the game has evolved in exactly the same scenario, and even by a tiebreaker is the same - 15:13 - only again in favor of ASA. Very humiliating defeat, in which no one to blame. However, by and large, Our game is broken there, where thin - in doigrovku. Read more »

Playoffs already underway

Who it, and the "Gazprom-Ugra" in fact has already started their playoffs. Each match - a decisive. Is this good or bad? I think, well. Even with more victories in the task of winning the Lower nobody would have overturned - as well as the team is guaranteed on our toes. That's just not to burn. U ASK, by the way, about the same situation - Read more »

Championship on fire

Russian Championship swift jack, as it mentioned in one known product, It is rushing to finish the regular season. The teams left to spend from three to five matches and it is already possible to discern the outlines of a telescope summary table. clear, that deal with the forecast - a thankless task in general, and in the current Super League PariMatch - especially, ... but some average temperature in the hospital Read more »

125 s volleyball, Hurrah!

While you were sleeping, volleyball celebrated 125 years old. Yes, yes, the official story goes, what 9 February 1895 , Comrade William Morgan, head of the youth organization of the Christian (YMCA) invented, what to do with this most Christian young people in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. Invented, probably, earlier, but on this day, according to witnesses, the gym was stretched mesh from tennis Read more »

load character

Even before the outbreak of hostilities the coaching staff of "Gazprom-Ugra" a surprise: the pitch in the starting lineup yesterday released the player "Yenisei" Nikita Aksyutin. Surgut immediately took the lead, covering in attack Maxim Shpilev - 6:2. A curious incident occurred at around 9:6 - first means Surgut video preview returned after hitting point out in Aksyutina - camera fixed contact block, Read more »

We believe in you

The closer the end of the championship, the more all kinds of "tipping points", "Key matches", "X days", or the like. In this case, the battle for the isolation of the playoffs will take place in the coming days. Against the background of defeat in Samara really have nowhere to retreat - in front of "Dinamo-LO". Uncomfortable rival for us, which is already there. How we did not play with them - always Read more »

Volga fiasco

"Gazprom-Ugra" not lost "Nova" in Samara, and himself. Our toothless feed organized opponent a great welcome and a great team would simply tore Surgut. But given a chance Samartsev, erred in attack, on the pitch… It was a lot of easing unit, doigrovok ... But ... Muse frankly not in the conditioned state. Doigrovschika offset the occasional successful actions of their own marriage. Released instead Artem Read more »

Samara quest

For "Gazprom-Ugra" very soon there will come the moment of truth in the games with direct competitors for a place under the sun playoffs - "Dinamo-LO", ASK and "Enisei". But first you need to pass another major quest - to beat in Samara "Novo". which, by the way, in the last round opened yet by his victories in the Super League PariMatch, beating a tiebreaker in Samara, Ufa "Ural". Read more »

Against the "Loco" is no admission

"Locomotive" for the class defeated "Gazprom-Ugra", samorealizuyas stably with good reception and, in turn, suppressing rival excellent feed. Surgut could fit only sporadically, took, Nevertheless, one set. The first batch of removal rate with a positive reception in Novosibirsk was close to one hundred percent. Since Surgut not surprised feed, the handicap at the same time formed Read more »