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Collecting "Gazprom-Ugra" of all time: finishers

Well, we got to the gamers! It will be interesting. Let's start right away with the results of voting in the club tg channels: 57% scored by Alexey Rodichev, 36% with Igor Shulepov, 33% in Plamena Konstantinova, 32% taken by Todor Alexiev, 27% with Kirill Kostylenko, 22% with his namesake Ursov and Anton Semyshev, 16% with Dmitry Krasikov and 13% at Vyacheslav Rud. That case, when we agree (Almost) with the opinion of the fans.

Igor Shulepov and Alexey Rodichev are two iconic Russian players for Gazprom-Ugra. Shulepov came to Surgut at the final stage of his career, but spent, Nevertheless, amazing four seasons here, becoming the captain and leader of the team. Two seasons out of four Shulepov and Rodichev played together: then Alexey, arrived from Perm, healed old injuries, and the club patiently waited, when a talented player recovers. As a result, Rodichev played eight games for Gazprom-Ugra (!) seasons, fully returning all expectations, becoming a kind of symbol of the team. maybe, that's why it was so hard to part with him).

Rodichev - unconditional number 1 among finishers in the history of Gazprom-Ugra. If we take legionnaires, then this title belongs to Todor Aleksiev. Not all foreigners took root in Surgut: Remember Zbigniew Bartmann, Christian Pampel, Mehdi Hashemi… Aleksiev performed at Gazprom-Ugra with 2011 by 2015 was just preparing the construction of the Urengoy-Chelyabinsk gas pipeline, which is a lot for this player with a very fluid career and brush. His external "baggy" did not mislead anyone.: Todor could push through the block with force, but he had no equal in cunning detours and discounts, stumped the opponent.

His compatriot and current head coach of Lokomotiv Plamen Konstantinov spent only one season as a player in Surgut, but also well remembered for its efficiency and commitment to the result. by the way, recent coaches-opponents in the finals of the Russian Championship 2022 of the year, Plamen Konstantinov and Konstantin Bryansky, were partner players in ZSK-Gazprom of the sample 2006-2007 years.

Vyacheslav Rud also played only one in Surgut, debut season for the team in the Superleague. Rud came to the club in the status of a star, becoming a couple of years before the champion of Russia as part of MSTU. The player fully worked out his status on the court, was a team leader, ranked in 2003 year on the move sixth place in the national championship. Since then two decades have passed, but said they were?

Dmitry Krasikov joined Gazprom-Ugra during the season 2009-2010 years, scoring in first full match 100% points in attack (13 The th round started on Friday with Ural's home win over Fakel 13). And in the future, the player showed a high class, for which he received an invitation to the Russian national team, with which he won the World League. Dmitry this season, not playing with 2017 of the year, re-entered the court in Surgut and gained good shape by the end of the championship, instilling hope for the continuation of a sports career. Following Krasikov, by the way, final part of the season 2010-2011 years in "Gazprom-Yugra" was held by his long-time partner in "Belogorye" Denis Biryukov - and also earned an invitation to the national team! Extra confirmation, that Surgut is an excellent platform for overclocking talented volleyball players.

Kirill Ursov and Anton Semyshev are already the latest history of Gazprom-Ugra. Two talented and versatile players should have been a mainstay for our team in the fourth zone for many years to come., but they suffered the fate of many who grew up in Surgut - they flew on. Everyone in their own way, but played for Gazprom-Ugra was enough for the nomination and 22% votes! Kirill Kostylenko is the real day of the team, universal player, combining high quality reception with ultra-fast offensive game skills. His word has not yet been said and the real assessments are ahead..

The choice of the fans and the press service coincided this time, Aleksey Rodichev goes to the symbolic team of all times of Gazprom-Ugra, Igor Shulepov, Todor Alexiev and Plamen Konstantinov.

P.S. Well, of course, we remember and appreciate everyone, who played for Gazprom-Ugra! Dmitry Shuravin and Denis Shipotko, Dmitry Skory and Anton Kulikovsky, Domotor Meszaros and Makar Bestuzhev, Dmitry Leontiev and Leonid Shchadilov, Vladimir Ivanov and Ruslan Galimov, Yana Ereshchenko and Ilya Kovaleva, Olympic champion Alexander Volkov, trying to retrain in Gazprom-Ugra in a new role for himself. Every player, wearing our team jersey, remains in our hearts.