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Surgut roller coaster

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Kirillov - Shahbanmirzaev, Shevlyakov – Kurbatov, Rodichev – Korotaev, Obmochaev/Nagaets

Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk): Osipov - Murashko, Maksimov – Filippov, Bocharov – Dmitriev, Janutov

Swing game, where a lot was decided by the first set - the only one, passed in a close fight on the court and on the scoreboard. However, the initiative in the opening was predominantly on the side of the hosts: Kirillov issues a single block to Dmitriev (5:3), Murashko from the fourth zone does not place the ball on the line (8:5), Kurbatov draws up the first, but not the last ace for the game (10:7).

With a block the guests restore equality (10:10), but again they let the hosts go on Shakhbanmirzaev’s tight serves (13:10). Another dash in pursuit: Radjab doesn't bring to fruition the efforts of Nagayts on the back line, Bocharov serves an ace, Filippov covers Shevlyakov, 14:14. Ozhiganov appears instead of Kirillov, and even earlier Krasikov came on instead of Korotaev.

The balance is disrupted by Murashko’s out-of-bounds attack. (19:17). It was this break advantage that the hosts were able to carry to the end and turn it into victory: in a protracted rally, Nagaets fights off the attack of the diagonal "Yenisei", the block in the center works, and Rajab scores on the second try, 25:23.

In the second set, the hosts seemed to take it right off the bat.: aces of Rudnev and Shakhbanmirzaev, specially assigned for this mission, another knockout serve from Rajab and Rodichev on a passing ball, 4:1, early timeout of "Yenisey". Rafael Khabibullin scrolls double substitution: 4:4 as a result of a floating reception and errors on the grid. Further more: Dmitriev equalizes the score (8:8), comes out to serve and leaves at the mark 8:11 after two aces and a knocked out move. Kurbatov tries to answer - scores and chalks up the second ace of the match (10:11), but failures in reception prevent the hosts from returning to the game.

After, how Maksimov’s serve fell like a parachute into the fifth zone, Skvortsov appeared on the court instead of Krasikov and immediately became a target for the servers. Didn't cope well: 12:16 after another lack of fine-tuning and 12:17 after Rajab's kick into touch. And so it went on: poor reception – mistakes on the net – general nervous play. Osipov ate Skvortsov with a single block and everything became extremely clear, 13:20. Alekseev came out at the end instead of the drooping Rajab., but didn't help at all: hit the block (15:21) and out (17:24). Murashko puts the point, 18:25.

The hosts started the third set very cheerfully again, 4:0 after two aces in a row performed by Kurbatov. This time Gazprom-Yugra was not going to give up the initiative: Bocharov is closed by a block (6:1), Shevlyakov plays in defense, the ball after Dmitriev’s kick flies away from him exactly into the empty first zone of “Yenisey” (9:4), Murashko from the four again fails to place the ball in the court (12:6).

After a time-out, Krasnoyarsk makes a desperate attempt to win back: Rodichev was covered, Kirillov appears instead of Ozhiganov, and the account is already 13:10. Krasikov became Yenisei's target on serve - finishing suffers. Rajab helps out, beautiful zone Kirillov plays with Shevlyakov, immediately inspired Dmitry closes Murashko’s attack (17:11). Roman responds with a discount and an ace (17:13). Then comes the killer prank: Yanutov and Nagaets demonstrate miracles in defense, Rajab seems to be scoring, but the video review gives the ball to the guests - Kirillov touched the net, 18:14. Yuri Filippov performs a double substitution, plus Busel appears on the court instead of Maksimov, but the hosts can withstand the finishing pressure: Krasikov draws ace, Rajab played out. He converts the last two goals, set point - after your own powerful serve, knocked Yanutov out of the reception, 25:20.

In the fourth set everything turned upside down again: 0:3 and the early replacement of Kirillov with Ozhiganov. Does not help, because the reception is lame. The home team's game is simply falling apart: Busel closes Kurbatov's attack, Ozhiganov again gives way to Kirillov, and he passes by Krasikov, 3:9. Murashko returns to work at Yenisei, churning out effective attacks, Bocharov is unstoppable in the fourth zone, and Surgut residents experience rare emergency attacks on rent. at level 10:17 Kirillov slightly tightens the score with two aces, but Murashko is removed in a protracted rally, and the game returns to its “usual” course...

Krasikov, exhausted in the technique, is replaced by Korotaev and first of all takes the ball to the opponent’s side, 13:21. Generally, “not Beckham’s day” in all respects, despite two more aces performed by Kurbatov (16:21). The intrigue did not have time to revive: Radzhab and Rodichev fail to cope with awkward passes, and the last word belongs to Dmitriev (17:25).

In the fifth set, according to the law of the genre, the swing should have swung towards the hosts: that's what happened. Surgut earns its first two breaks from the guests' mistakes: Dmitriev attacks into touch, Osipov is trying to throw, but gets caught in the rope (5:3). And then Rajab went berserk, powerfully serving and finishing the game. The last rally before the change of sides again resulted in a libero duel, Shahbanmirzaev decided again, 8:4.

After switching sides, Murashko scores on a triple block, but does not correct the aimed pass and shoots into touch, 10:6. Rudnev comes out to serve - Rodichev hits the freeball, 11:6. Rajab returns serve with a shot over the block, and then he closes Bocharov’s attack, 13:7. Murashko submission is possible, last argument. Roman shoots great, but in the final game it hits the cable, giving the opponent six match points. Enisey wins back half of it: Bocharov takes off and goes to serve, does it with confidence: Rajab doesn't find the blocking fingers, Dmitriev scores... But still, Rajab finds the resources to finish the game, 15:11.

Comments after the game:

Yuri Marinin, senior coach of VC "Enisey": Unfortunately, we ourselves played poorly, didn’t take advantage of their extra games. A lot of break balls were picked up, but they didn’t bring them to mind. Our batteries are low. We expected a completely different result, I'll be frank. Can, the flight affected, we waited here all night for the plane. I think, this also influenced. These are by no means excuses.! We didn't play our game today. Probably, all teams play better on their home court, in front of his viewers. A lot of people, nice hall, the hall drove the team today, I think, helped today. They were sick well. Probably, this is the difficulty. Basically, ordinary platform, normal hotel, good weather - no problems.

Setter of VK "Yenisei" Konstantin Osipov: Such a swing - it seemed like the fourth game was so confident, We reach the fifth stage - again everything falls out of hand. It was a tough tour. We don't play our own volleyball, which we usually play. Difficult flight. It’s always difficult in Surgut. Whoever plays, Honestly, it's just always difficult. So we prepared ourselves for a tough game, we didn't give up, when we lost, but the fifth game didn't work out. We made two mistakes of our own and the audience simply pushed your team forward, as usual at home it turns out. Due to this, it is better to play at home in such difficult moments.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Denys Harkushenko: I have two words: congratulations to all the fans on the victory! I ran.



Date Time Championship
11.02.2024 19:00 CR 2023-2024


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)25182517153
Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)23252025112


g. Surgut / SC "Premier Arena"

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)

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