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Need to take a step

The history of the confrontation between Gazprom-Yugra and Yugra-Samotlor goes back approximately to the Mesozoic era: first there was "Samotlor", then we came. In duels we often won, and then there was no one to win for a long time, since the neighbors played in the minor leagues. Then again more often won, but in the last couple of years, Nizhnevartovites are ahead of us. However, historical excursions are good for the off-season, now it’s not up to them - you need to draw that very story here and now.

In our case, fix. In the first round we lost in Vartovsk 2:3, continuing a painful streak of five tie-breaks lost so far. He says 2:0, could finish everything in three games, but - lost. It's a shame? And how. Need to fix? More as it should. In this regard, "Ugra-Samotlor", of course, your opinion, but the trick is, will we take it into account.

Recently, we have often begun to take into account the opinion of the opponent, play him, from his mistakes, instead of imposing your terms. One side, it was kind of inevitable: the team went through a long series of meetings with teams from the top of the standings. You don't dictate much here., number two game, patiently, justified and could bring results: "Gazprom-Ugra" was able to catch a couple of matches, but the opinion of the stronger / experienced / equipped turned out to be stronger each time.

Now our own opinion on the court is more important. Ability to push and push, achieve results from a position of strength. Not, by tactics, of course, different options are possible, but decisive moments must be squeezed on your own terms, without waiting for the opponent's misfires. Especially, that they may not be. Yugra-Samotlor is a fairly qualified and tenacious team, a kind of burr in a good way, able to stick and explode at some point.

There is a fairly fast and creative binder, two almost equal diagonal, good selection of players in other positions. Generally, of course, no stars, do we have them? Both Ugra clubs live within their means, trying to build a team game and, to the best of their ability, inflate the coals and embers of the talent of their volleyball players. It's time for these coals to blaze in a face-to-face meeting - this is the only reason why the upcoming match is of genuine interest.

And the standings, what is called, obliges. We have not won our, trampled on the spot, and meanwhile, the Nizhnevartovites pulled themselves up, turning the match against ASK in Nizhny Novgorod. Today we are neighbors just along the watershed between the playoff and playout zones. Winner Takes If Not All, then a sure step up. Shanem?