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"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Krasikov, Nagaets/Dyakov

Yugra-Samotlor: Kreskin - Gorbachev, Rokhin – Zakhvatenko, Aksyutin - Militsky, Kirillov/Davletshin

Surgut outplayed guests tactically, finding at the right time their "clients" at the reception, even though they experienced some problems.. At first, Serb legionary of Gazprom-Ugra Milan Katic fell ill, secondly, Nikita Alekseev’s game didn’t go well again. In the middle of the first set, he went to rest after two hits in touch. The account at that time was 12:16 The visitors, in which the starting impulse of Zakhvatenkov was picked up by Gorbachev. The attack compensated the Vartovites for a multiple marriage on the pitch (8 errors per game), but at the mark 15:19 Rafael Khabibullin made his first tactical move - he released Ionov, which with a complex glider puzzled Aksyutin. Krasikov effectively and efficiently worked on the counterattack and on the block, 17:19.

When the hosts didn't use a great out-of-game chance, giving a free-ball to an opponent in a harmless situation (18:21), might seem, that there will be no chase. But Ozhiganov pulled the net ball into Piun's hand, Krasikov powerfully filed and Kreskin failed to correct the mistake of the receivers, 20:21. "Ugra-Samotlor" takes a timeout - does not help. Krasikov continues to organize a knocked-out reception, and in high gears Aksyutin can’t cope from the fourth zone, 22:21 in favor of "Gazprom-Ugra". Another timeout by Valery Pyaskovsky - and on the scoreboard 22:23, Zakhvatenkov and Gorbachev get their way. But heroes turn into anti-heroes: Zahvatenkov does not serve, and Gorbachev at the right time was closed by a bloc. First set-ball, Surgut players soften the attack from the fourth zone and Rajab finally breaks the situation on the court.

In the second game, the starting spurt of Gazprom-Ugra (6:3) interrupts video playback first, fixing out when attacking Rajab, and then Ozhiganov flirts with the pipe, what punishes Aksyutin. Ace new jerk starts was Rajab (10:9), but he is stuck in the block (11:12) and gives way to the site ... 19-year-old setter Maxim Kirillov. However, Maxim loves and knows how to attack, what the viewers will see later, in the meantime, the main burden falls on the players. Opponents take the lead, clinging to each other's tails - up to the mark 17:17. Ozhiganov again saves the ball going to the side, leaving Kurbatov without a bloc, and Ionov, who came out to serve, again organizes with his glider an additional game with Krasikov's prudent discount in the overture, 19:17. Surgutians hold a hard-to-get break, and then get the second: Makarenko blocks Gorbachev, 22:19. Nazar Litvinenko appears on the court, but the ending is already in the hands of the owners. Makarenko scores in line (23:20), adventurous transfer of Kreskin to Zakhvatenkov from the depths turns into Kurbatov's bloc (24:20), Piun is out, but Makarenko, like a captain, puts an end to.

In the third installment, the swing started from the mark 7:7 under tragicomic circumstances: the ball from the hands of the guests flew into touch on the side of Surgut, but by some miracle he hit Makarenko, who controlled the trajectory. Immediately Zakhvatenkov performs an ace - 7:9. After the time-out of Gazprom-Ugra, a reverse wave began: Litvinenko closed by bloc, Krasikov scores an emergency ball from the spot, Litvinenko shoots parallel to the floor into a deep out and gives way to Gorbachev. Immediately Kirillov gets another break, and Kreskin again started unsuccessful games on the allotted ball with the first pace, 12:9.

And again the vector of movement of the account changes: Surgut residents cannot play in protracted draws, while Krasikov, on experience, rolls the ball under the hands of the blocker, 13:12. Rajab returns to the court, and Militsky is swimming on the next wave covering his team, experiencing serious problems in reception - 17:14. I was giving up, Krasikov also excelled in the reception, excellently bringing the most powerful shot of Gobrachev, 18:15 after hitting Makarenko. Guests once again rush in pursuit, risking on serve, and get close, 19:18. However, Valid ending was not part of Gazprom-Ugra's plans: now Makarenko, with a glider, finds the same Militsky in reception: two breaks bring Krasikov's counterattack and Kurbatov's passing ball, 22:18. Instead of Militsky, Miguel appears belatedly in the reception, brings the ball, Aksyutin removed, but this is where the successes of Yugra-Samotlor are over. Kurbatov gets the 23rd point with a block at the end of a protracted rally, match-ball another block on Gorbachev brings Rajab, the next and last attack of the diagonal vartovchan lands in touch.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could: “In the first game, they entered the game well, led with advantage +4, lost it in the end due to an uncertain reception, so Surgut won the first game. We made a lot of mistakes on the pitch - these indicators played on the result. The first set did not break us, we played the whole game smoothly. There were moments, where players failed to install and made several individual errors. Basically, the game turned out, Surgut won thanks to our mistakes".

Coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Denys Harkushenko: "Firstly, I want to congratulate the fans on the victory. We had a streak and bad luck, and not very high quality games, there was a certain psychological burden. I felt it in training as well., and in the eyes of the guys. The first batch is nerves, pure water psychology. Well done guys, they endured this moment, overcame the stiffness and pressure of the result. As for the release of Max Kirillov - in training he comes out with us in different roles, and the player, and diagonal, We are trying to diversify it.".

Connecting VK "Gazprom-Yugra" Vadim Ozhiganov: "We understood, that all our games and games end with more or less, everything is close by. We needed to get the winning points.. I am glad, what did we do today. The first batch showed, what can we squeeze, we can do it".



Date Time Championship
18.01.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2525253
Ugra-Samotlor (Nizhnevartovsk)2321190


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"