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Friday, 13-it is

"Kuzbass": Rukavishnikov - Klets, Markin - Pakshin, Shcherbakov - Tavasiev, Obmochaev

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Nagaec

Surgut again failed to unravel the secret of victory in the tie-break - the fifth defeat on the balance sheet of the season. But balance still needs to be reached., and to do it in Kemerovo is a rather difficult task, which only confirms the unsatisfied so far, Alas, ambitions of Gazprom-Ugra.

Surgut people woke up late: after two aces, Markin Katic also got under the block, 0:4. Milan began to improve, and the owners helped with their own marriage on the pitch, 6:8. And again the breakthrough of "Kuzbass", this time on Klez's serves - 6:11. With such waves, the rivals moved forward: Markin hook didn't hook the line, and Ozhiganov issued an ace, 15:17. Alekseev pulls the team even closer with a block-out, 17:18. Aleksey Babeshin scrolls through a double substitution and the hosts are the first to get to the set-ball with an advantage of one break ball. Makarenko picks up, Radjab comes out to serve instead of Ozhiganov and does an excellent job: on a knocked-out reception, first Markin restores the balance with a discount in out (24:24), then Alekseev replies to the attack of Klets by winning back from the block, and Pakshin takes risks on the emergency ball and does not put the ball into the court, 26:24.

In the second set, the wounded hosts start again very cheerfully: on Pakshin's serves, we swim in the reception and cannot cope with the opponent's block, 2:8. Alekseeva changes Rajab, Ozhiganova - Kirillov, and the interaction of the binder with the diagonal does not look ideal: transmission then by pace, then in place they drive the attacker into difficult situations. Nevertheless, the exit of the young bunch looked pretty in thought. However, when counting 10:16 Ozhiganov returned to the site, Rajab immediately hit out and gave way to Alekseev. The party was no longer saved, in the end we were tortured by pitches Markin. The last two, from a support, put Makarenko in a deadlock, 14:25.

In the third installment, previous openings were taken into account: we missed the beginning. With the score 7:8 Kuzbass gave an excellent lesson in selfless defensive play, but Kurbatov blocked all efforts with a block. But after 9:9 we suddenly missed another series, this time on Rukavishnikov's serve. Klets closes with a single Katic block, Rajab attacks the emergency ball into the opponent's hands, another block of Shcherbakov to Radzhab… 9:14. Ozhiganov persists and drives his diagonal under another roof, 12:17. Generally, setter puzzled attackers more, what helped them, and those far from always coped with tasks with an asterisk. A series of mutual errors on the pitch in the end determined the final 20:25.

We managed to reverse the debut of the fourth set with 2:4 on 8:4: block started, Alekseev reloaded in attack, the replacement of Rukavishnikov with Krechetov did not work either - Piun immediately covered Shcherbakov's attack. The response activity of Kuzbass on the block leveled the situation, 9:8. But Krasikov, replacing Katic, confidently scores from the back line, and Makarenko and Nagaets give an excellent segment. Nikita, by the way, generally a great fellow in this match. He pulled out Pakshin's attack, Tavasiev sent a passing ball into touch, 12:9. Makarenko, with a prudent serve along the line at the junction of the first and second zones, earns an ace and immediately distinguishes himself with a pipe, 14:9. Kurbatov - still ace, and Krasikov, by experience, cements the removal from the fourth zone, 18:11. Everything is clear to Alexey Babeshin and he gives Markin a rest, releasing Andrey Bobrov. Klets' rush on the pitch (ace, 21:15) "Gazprom-Yugra" extinguishes through a timeout and Nikita Alekseev. Alekseev brings a set-ball with a single block to Pakshina, The Naga man carries the Klets attack in defense, why the annoyed Kirill hits out again, 25:16.

Decisive set - and again starting failure, 4:8. For a tie-break, it's almost fatal, but ours managed to catch on due to, biting off one break after another. Makarenko's discount to the boiler in the endgame of a protracted draw reduced the gap to a minimum, 8:9, and then Pakshin, attending the reception, could not qualitatively go on the attack from the second zone - out, 9:9. Blok Markin, trying to move the ball into a steep diagonal, even brought Gazprom-Ugra ahead, 11:10. Klets restored the balance, Rajab did not reach the floor, and the same Klets turned the balance to 11:12. Alekseev appears on the court and equalizes the score with a blow on the edge of the block, 12:12. Lucky Tavasiev, a smeared shot lands the ball right into the empty area, blocking "Kuzbass" even crossed himself. Klets goes out, and then Inal no longer needs to be baptized, just say thanks to Krechetov for the accurate pass, 13:14. On a match-ball attack Ozhiganov predictably trusts Alekseev, he can't cope: block and defeat in centimeters from victory, 13:15.

We again lacked quite a bit. A little bit of stability in reception, a little bit of stability in the diagonal (Alekseev and Shakhbanmirzaev play, what is called, segments, replacing each other), a little bit of stability in the replay, a little bit of transmission stability (Ozhiganov then unjustifiably looked for creativity, it made the game too easy). At the same time, we have character, the ability to get up after heavy blows and stubbornly go forward. Pleased Nagaets, Makarenko took over the game at the right moments. Everything was near. Fifth defeat in game five on Friday, 13-it. I think, that's enough.



Date Time Championship
13.01.2023 17:00 CR 2022-2023


Kuzbass (Kemerovo)24252516153
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)26142025132

Kuzbass (Kemerovo)

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Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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