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Could catch

Gazprom-Yugra arrived in Belgorod in full strength, which did not mean at all, that this roster is ready to play fully. The owners have their own problems: both binders flew out, and the nominal third number Vsevolod Abramychev came out to pass. We immediately note, that in the presence of certain tactical and technical miscalculations, in general, he played very well, and growth in 205 see added Read more »

Good start

"Star of Yugra" successfully traveled to neighboring Nizhnevartovsk, where the games of the first round of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League took place. Our young talents met twice with the Novy Urengoy "Torch", bronze medalist of the last championship, and Krasnoyarsk "Yenisey-2", having won three wins in four matches. The main miners of "Zvezda" last season are massively defending the honor of the bloodless "Gazprom-Yugra", so it would be logical Read more »

Victoria Kobzar continues the dynasty

In Montenegrin Podgorica, our young volleyball players from the U-17 national team became European champions! Team Turkey was defeated in the final of the tournament 3:1. We especially note, that the younger sister of Igor Kobzar, Victoria, passed in the team. This is already a whole volleyball dynasty turns out, brought up by coach and mother Alla Ernestovna Kobzar. Congratulations to Victoria, her mom and the whole family with great success!

Exit to "Cosmos"

After Novy Urengoy "Gazprom-Yugra" fledged youth team moved to Belgorod. Belogorya did not start the championship either: three defeats in three matches. Mass loss of players, unlike Surgut, in Belgorod managed to avoid, although a certain tension in the line of the game is felt: Ilya Spodobets and Dmitry Ilinykh are injured, and Anton Semyshev, well known to us, continues to search, Where Read more »

Half a match on equal terms

In Novy Urengoy, the youth team of Gazprom-Yugra faced an experimental set of players from the local Fakel. The opponent was missing the main pair of outplayers Volkov-Bogdan, Alexey Safonov played two thirds of the match, but the Zhukovsky-Zhigalov line was fully operational. Once again, we can only boast of the plumage of the Super League debutants, Yes, returned to duty Alexei Chanchikov. He largely glued the reception and added Read more »

We continue to pump the youth

On Wednesday, Gazprom-Yugra will play the first away match in the Super League - in Novy Urengoy, against the local "Torch". Our team went to the northern neighbors in the same greatly reduced composition, who played the match with Enisey. For Surgut youth - a good chance to pump the necessary skills, for "Torch" – the opportunity to rehabilitate for the defeat by Dynamo-LO in the second round. IN Read more »

As the Steel Was Tempered

By the game with "Yenisei" personnel losses "Gazprom-Ugra" multiplied by two: Denis Chereysky flew out of the clip, Kirill Fialkovsky and Alexey Chanchikov. Having brought young people from the "Star of Yugra", residents of Surgut began to study the work "How the steel was tempered". And she is tempered just in such games - Super League, score-hungry opponent, everything is grown up. In the first batch of adult volleyball from the side Read more »

Step forward

The Russian Championship is slowly gaining momentum - tomorrow the match of the 2nd round will be held in Surgut, Krasnoyarsk Yenisei will welcome you. Convenient home start in the championship for Gazprom-Yugra crossed out personnel losses: any club without the main passer, diagonal and two sideplayers will look pale. But ours are trying, how can, and in the game against Yenisei, we have the right to count on more Read more »