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New contours: legionnaires

Gazprom-Ugra has decided on a pair of legionnaires for next season. At first, Milan Katic remains in Surgut. Moreover, planned, that the Serbian player will become the captain of the team, what indicates a high level of trust in the player. The current season for Katic came out crumpled due to injury, but no one in Gazprom-Ugra doubts its potential. Katic is a versatile player with excellent Read more »

New contours: who leaves Gazprom-Ugra

Gazprom-Ugra players go on vacation, but work in the club does not stop for a day. Today we will begin to talk about the contours of the new sample team 2023-2024 years and, above all, about those, who will leave Surgut. Dmitry Makarenko We say goodbye to our captain, who played in Gazprom-Ugra the last two seasons. The role of Makarenko is difficult to overestimate: he performed on the court Read more »

Open week of Gazprom-Ugra

After the end of the season, Gazprom-Ugra did not close the balls in the warehouse, Alekseev stalled at the shooting - there were questions about transfers, held an "Open Week" - two master classes and an open training session. Volleyball players and coaches of a professional team gave the first lesson of mastery to students of volleyball departments of sports schools in Surgut, the second was held for students within the walls of Surgut State University. The week ended on Sunday with an open training session at the Premier Arena. Active participation in the past Read more »

It was hard, but we did it

so, season 2022-2023 for Gazprom-Ugra completed, can draw preliminary conclusions. Note - not official, This is the job of the coaching staff., and the results of an interested observer. The most important: the task is completed for at least a season, the team advanced to the playoffs. Came out in many respects contrary to, not thank you, and showed a nice game in the qualifying round against Belogorye, imposed a fight on a very serious opponent. What Read more »

We invite you to open training

Dear friends! We invite you to the open training of the volleyball club “Gazprom-Yugra”. You will be able to watch the full training process, communicate with players and representatives of the coaching staff, see the intricacies of preparing a super league team. The event will take place on Sunday, 9-April th, in our gaming hall “Prime Arena”. Start in 11:00. We are waiting for everyone! With thanks, that you are with us.   Read more »

Thanks for the game!

Belogorie: Kolodinsky - Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Zabolotnikov - Chervyakov, Krotkov Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Nagaets / Kabeshov The dry score for the parties does not at all reflect an equal struggle on the court. In each of the sets, the Surgut team were practically in no way inferior to the opponent, losing in offensive trifles. From the first draws the swing went, when Read more »

Aftertaste and anticipation

Such "Gazprom-Yugra", how we saw him in the first play-off with Belogorye, sure, everyone liked. The team was on fire on the site in the best sense of the word, fought, just like real men. The opponent is a priori stronger - so what? That case, when defeat doesn't matter, because there was a GAME on the court. returning to Read more »

Erase the smiles of Belgorod residents

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Kabeshov/Nagaets Belogorye: Kolodinsky - Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Zabolotnikov - Chervyakov, Bragin/Krotkov Before the start of the match in the camp of "Belogorye" high spirits reigned: everyone was smiling, including head coach Sergei Brusentsev. with large differences in different elements, that the team arrived at the resort - but Surgut has never been a resort, what are the guests Read more »

Takeoff or departure

waited! Spring and playoffs are almost synonymous, who have not met together in the Super League for a long time. The last playoff was played, it seems, in 2019, when "Kuzbass" sensationally defeated Kazan "Zenith" in the final. The next year, the knockout games were stopped by the pandemic, and just now - hello again! Let's start with the qualifying round, truncated version 1/8 finale, wherein Read more »

Cones from Sosnovy Bor

Dinamo-LO: Jovovich-Murashko, Biryukov-Ivovich, Kolenkovsky-Melnikov, Vishnevetsky Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov-Alekseev, Makarenko-Katic, Piun-Bessogonov, Kabeshov-Nagaets After the defeat of Neftyanik in Novosibirsk the day before, 12th place and a ticket to the qualifying round of the playoffs were in the pocket of Surgut even before the start of the match. The game itself in Sosnovy Bor left mixed impressions.. One side, again, the abundance of his own marriage did not allow him to impose a tighter game Read more »