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Part 3. Rafael Habibullin: “When you run at four in the morning, all your enemies are sleeping ... "

Today we publish the third, the final part of the interview with the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra Rafael Khabibullin. Finally stayed, as it seems to us, the most interesting questions - and equally interesting answers. About weight and motivation – In the volleyball world, everyone already knows, that you have a special approach to the weight of players, their nutrition. Tell us more? I will give you an interesting fact Read more »

Part 2. Rafael Habibullin: “Running three kilometers or five is a big difference”

Today we have the second “series” of conversation with the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra. Let's start with the interrupted championship, and then - how it goes ... About the interrupted flight and the quality of work – From the point of view of mid-April, the decision not to go to a game in Moscow to play with Dynamo looks absolutely logical ... But at that time, not everyone understood it. Read more »

Part 1. Rafael Habibullin: "To stay in place, you have to run very fast ”

Here is the result of two days of conversations with the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra. They talked a lot, frankly, about different things, the benefit of the current forced calm. Pity, that all that was said is simply impossible to squeeze into the framework of one publication, even if "serial". At first we wanted to make two "series", but they began to disassemble the material - at least three! Well Read more »

Rafael Khabibullin gave an interview to the club site

Each year, at the end of the season, we do a detailed interview with Rafael Khabibullin - about the past, present and future teams, club, Surgut Volleyball ... How Rafael Talgatovich is inaccessible to the media, just as interesting - and as a source of information, and just as an interlocutor, with imaginative thinking and developed speech. This conversation was no exception., spanning two Read more »

We ask to love and favor - Bozhidar Vuchichevich!

Yesterday we created an easy intrigue, causing a noticeable recovery among fans of Gazprom-Ugra. well, documents signed, it's time to announce the team rookie name! Gazprom-Ugra signed a two-year contract with a rising star of Serbian volleyball, diagonal national team of Serbia Bozhidar Vucichevich. Bozidar 21 year, his height - 205 cm, removal height - 363 cm, block - 348 cm. Club career Read more »

We continue the tradition

The history of "Gazprom-Ugra" will not lie: the club there is a clear attraction to the legionnaires-Slavs of the three fraternal countries volleyball - Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia. Let us remember! For Surgut in different years played the Polish Robert Prygel, Lucas Kadzhevych, Zbigniew Bartman, Maciej muse, bolgarы Todor Alexiev, Teodor Todorov, Theodore Salparov, Plamen Konstantinov, Radoslav Arsov, Serbs Alex Brdzhovich, Petar KRSMANOVI?A, Read more »

Maciej muse: "This was a jump in deep water"

History Maciej Muzaya in "Gazprom-Ugra", as it appears, limited to one season. therefore kakim! Pole immediately became the best scorer of the Super League and has attracted attention all over Europe, volleyball. A year ago, he was a promising player with excellent data, who remembered, mainly, Magic game in the Champions League against Kazan "Zenith". Surgut has given him a chance to say Read more »

Four years ago, we fought for the CEV Cup

Just in these days, four years ago, "Gazprom-Ugra" was playing on the top of his career,, so to speak, - in the CEV Cup final. 29 March was the first match played in Berlin, 2 April, the second leg in Surgut. Cup, we remember, our we not won - although the chances for this were. But in the case Read more »

Decision is made

On Saturday, the Presidium of the IEF stating the obvious, stop carrying Russian volleyball championship in all leagues (earlier it was suspending). All, season is over. However, the main intrigue was the fact, whether determined by the champions and prize-winners at the end of the preliminary part of the championship, or cancel all tournament results. The efforts of the teams decided not reset, to determine the place in accordance with the results of the preliminary Read more »

The season for assassination

For, to evaluate any deal, it is necessary to look the part. pair held after the completion of the last game of the championship week, passions have cooled, season actually ended, at least - for the "Gazprom-Ugra". You can easily look back and draw the first conclusions. They are: we have seen the emergence of a new team, where changes in the past have on all lines, fundamental changes. If Read more »

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