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We work on the character

After these games have loyal fans have less power, than the players themselves. At least - emotional ... How is it in "Bushido" said? "This samurai happily goes to meet death, sweeping away all obstacles along the way ... ". Actually, I just came up with it myself. One minute after the match. Well, so what? Surgut in the fifth Read more »

ideal test

On the last day of the calendar autumn "Gazprom-Ugra" Nizhnevartovsk play with "Ugra-Samotlor". Yugorskoe derby, the battle for a place in the pit bottom of the standings, attempt to prove something to themselves and others - in this game a lot of subtexts, and the meaning of one - it is necessary to win. The desire is mutual, electric discharges already in the air, a collision is unavoidable, Shakespeare caught the wrong Read more »

It was painful

Humiliating defeat "Gazprom-Ugra" - the flip side of a strong-willed victory ASA. It is necessary to pay tribute to volzhanam, They played the game at a high level. Even in the first two sets, we can not say, guests have failed - they just do wrong in the attack, and on the pitch. Overall, the game held in Surgut tone, it was interesting to watch, as the hosts "hatch" the opponent breaks Read more »

The game with the Association

On Wednesday, the "Gazprom-Ugra" will play on the platform with the Nizhny Novgorod ASK (Association of sports clubs). In the current "regular season" we have only nine home games - and each, Consequently, its weight in gold. especially those, in which we simply can not, and must score points. Such is the "gold" game is obtained is not the easiest opponent. Penultimate position ASA Read more »

until the ninth

"Ugra Star" held the second round draw of the championship of Russia in the Youth Volleyball League. In Ufa, our team rivals were the hosts - "Golden Eagles of the Urals", Nizhnevartovsk "University" and Novosibirsk "Locomotive TSIVS". In the first four matches of the tour "Ugra Star" suffered a defeat: from owners and Novosibirsk score 0:3 and two from the "University" with a score of 1:3. Despite this result, in Read more »

optimistic defeat

Surgut conceded "Kuzbass", imposing a stubborn fight champion in three of the four sets. And this despite the fact, that the very vague game of the season showed Maciej Muse, periodically and traditionally "limping" fourth zone, and we were in shock kemerovchan Victor Poletaev, Dmitry Pashitskii and Jaroslav Podlesnykh. In the first set we were released home visitors' lead on the pitch Poletaeva Read more »

We were riding champion

On Saturday, "Gazprom-Ugra" will play in the "Premier Arena" with the current Russian champion, Kemerovo "Kuzbass". Kemerovchane and this season looks very impressive - lost only the Novosibirsk "Locomotive", but they took over both the "Zenith" and procured a ticket to the Final Four of the Russian Cup. The current "Kuzbass" created by Thomas Sammelvyuo, suddenly converted to the St. Petersburg "Zenith". Last year's league structure in place - Read more »

by cash

The game of "Gazprom-Ugra" with the "Yenisei" has shown, ... What she showed? Nothing new. Crumble in the reception, naoshibatysya of people, drained another to win the game - to this we are able to. scenario friend, and if we are at the Cup of Russia worked out precisely such actions, it certainly made great strides. Kick-off - and immediately "minus three" in the first gliders Strilchuk Read more »

History repeats itself

In the second match of the semi-finals of Cup of Russia, "Gazprom-Ugra" continued to play on the "see all", leaving offside Artem Khabibullina, and "Torch" removed from the site of Yegor crutch, allowing to rest before Sunday's match with "Zenith". As a result, more or less equal equal compositions started the game in his debut set. Surgut went a step further, until the situation is not an ace shrugged Read more »

Полутренировка в полуфинале

В первом матче полуфинала розыгрыша Кубка России «Газпром-Югра» в полутренировочном режиме уступил питерскому «Зениту». Без Мачея Музая, но с Никитой Козловым сургутяне замерили свои возможности – и уступили мощному Ореолу Камехо и более организованному блоку соперника. В первом сете мы держали зенитовцев в поле зрения до отметки 9:11, это Довгань зарядил силовой эйс в Камехо. Read more »

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