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Playing with the champion

Already at the end of the fourth game day of the second round of the "final six" it was clear, that gold will go to Siberia, to Novosibirsk. For the people of Surgut, everything was still undecided, and in case of a victory over the railroad workers, "Star of Yugra" could hope for bronze, but something happened, what's happened. Lokomotiv remained on the winning rails. First set, equal score in the opening - 5:5, "Star" Read more »

Defeated the bears

There are problematic teams in volleyball games, with which a positive game does not add up. For our players – this is the undefeated "Torch", and with the Kemerovo "Kuzbass-2" in the first round we had to play in a tie-break. With an equal play at the beginning of the first set, Zvezda's attitude to win was already visible, check - 8:8. Further - the attack passes at the first pace Read more »

Olympus did not submit

The first game with the Moscow team in sunny Labytnangi ended with a beautiful victory for the Surgutyans. There was hope for a positive game in the second meeting with Dynamo-Olimp, but the support of the fans, native walls and especially the ceiling, helped the Muscovites in the intense game of the third day of the competition. With an equal play at the beginning of the first game, the excellent work of the Muscovites' bloc is already visible, covered the attack first Read more »

A well-deserved reward

Rafael Khabibullin, head coach of the Gazprom-Yugra VC, received a letter of gratitude from Valentina Matvienko, Chair of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, with the wording: “For many years of conscientious work, great contribution to the development and promotion of physical culture, sports and healthy lifestyle ". The gratitude was presented 25 March in a solemn atmosphere in the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. All, who knows Rafael Talgatovich, agree, what Read more »

Defeated by aces

The second game day brought no surprises, "Star of Yugra" in three games won over "University", and the whole alignment in the standings on the second game day, doesn't seem to change much. At the beginning of the first game, there was a slight advantage for the Surgut team. Players from both teams don't risk, but they don't make big mistakes., scoreboard – 14:12. Conducts Read more »

Bad start

The first day of the second final round - and again "Torch" and the game according to the scenario of the first meeting in Labytnangi. Novy Urengoy team is not defeated again, with an equal game of opponents. Maxim Kirillov earns the first point with an ace, Surgutians at the beginning of the game - the score is ahead 5:3. Voronchikhin breaks through the Yamal block, and Slobodyanuk – ace increases the gap in the score to four points Read more »

Five decisive games

Less than a week left before the start of the second, the decisive round of the Final Six in the Youth Volleyball League. In the first round, "Star of Yugra" showed a fighting character, having won three victories over the "University", Kuzbass and the capital Dynamo-Olimp, which allowed our team to take an intermediate second place in the standings. Make some predictions for the second round, relying on the games in Labytnangi, probably, not Read more »

Photo report. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. 26 tour

26 tour. 12.03.2021. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. Zenith (St. Petersburg)

No game, but with character

In the first set of the match with Zenit St. Petersburg, Gazprom-Yugra hit like Ostap Bender, just not under a horse, and under the block of owners. 8 effective actions of Zenit in this element became as a result of skill, and creative search of Surgutyans. The desire to play fast is closely associated with risk., which time after time did not live up to expectations. As a result 15:25. In the second Read more »

Stars will converge at Sibur-Arena

By agreement between Zenit St. Petersburg and Gazprom-Yugra, the match of the last round of the regular part of the national championship is scheduled for Friday. From a tournament point of view, the game is important for the hosts - they must not lose points in the fight against the "Torch" for the fifth place. Surgut residents won't lose, nothing to acquire, but as the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra Anton said after the match with Dynamo Read more »