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Native walls will help?

Gazprom-Ugra will play its last home match of the regular season tomorrow, 13 Martha, with another top club - Novosibirsk Lokomotiv. With Dynamo in Moscow, what is called, it almost happened. Will we be able to defeat the railway workers at home?? The statistics of games with Novosibirsk are somewhat more pleasant, чем с «Динамо», но все успехи имеют уже довольно серьезный срок давности. В последние годы нам удается Read more »

It was all about the presentation

"Dynamo" (Moscow): Pankov – Sokolov, Vlasov - Belogortsev, Bohdan - Zudin, Baranov/Kerminen Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Shevlyakov – Kurbatov, Rodichev – Krasikov, Nagaets/Obmochaev Two aces by Zudin in the opening and Dynamo leads 5:2. Our team fights through long rallies with breaks through the attacks of Shevlyakov and Radzhab and almost gets, 6:7. But Krasikov in the fourth Read more »

There's nowhere to retreat, ahead of Moscow

Game in Moscow with Dynamo, what used to happen on Lavochkin, what now, on Vasilisa Kozhina Street - always a difficult story. Honestly, I don't even remember, Have we ever won in the capital?. It happened in Surgut, I'm not sure about Moscow. “Dynamo” is traditionally the toughest opponent for us in the championship. Muscovites are approaching the end of the championship, licking his wounds. Read more »

Got under pressure

Alexey Verbov fielded a lineup with a balance of youth and experience in Surgut, and sent former “Surgut resident” Evgeniy Rukavishnikov to pass the ball. Rafael Khabibullin entrusted a place in the starting lineup to young Ivan Skvortsov, who immediately felt the weight of champion serves. Actually, presentation has become the main element, due to which Zenit won a landslide victory.

Through Kazan to your game

Gazprom-Yugra enters the hardest finishing spurt of the regular season, where it will be extremely difficult to count on victories. And you don’t need to count – you just need to return to that game, which the team demonstrated in most of the second round matches (last game doesn't count), and come what may. Not a single Super League team could do without Read more »

Below your capabilities

The equality in the opening continued until the mark 4:4, after which in the fourth zone on Ozhiganov’s passes aimed at the block, and then Kirillov stalled Krasikov. 4:7 and the hosts increased this advantage: bad reception from Surgut residents, Rajab tried to fight back from the block, but Nagets didn’t pick up the rebound, 12:17. Ace of Rudnev, who emerged from the square, sweetened the pill a little, 14:18. Something like a chase at the end: Krasikov fights back from the block, Rajab repeats the same, and then blocks Pozdnyakov, 17:20. Rodichev rolls into a cauldron, 19:22. But that’s all - Pozdnyakov brings a bag of set points with an ace, 19:24, and Rodichev steps on the baseline when serving.

It's time to repay "debts"

On Wednesday the residents of Surgut will hold, perhaps, “match of life” away against Novokuibyshevsk “Nova”. At first, this is our direct competitor for a place in the playoffs. Secondly, the calendar at the end of the regular season for Gazprom-Yugra is as follows, that it will be extremely difficult to continue to gain victories - Kazan is our opponent, Novosibirsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the last round, Nova almost beat Enisey in Krasnoyarsk, Read more »

Derby is never easy

at level 6:8 in the first set, visiting captain Nikita Aksyutin, blocking, twisted his ankle and left the court. His place was taken by Anatoly Volodin, and the detachment did not notice the loss of a fighter - the guests played with passion and a lot worked out for them, starting from filing. The hosts also responded with good shots from behind the baseline, but in other elements everything was not so rosy. Kurbatov leaves Surgut residents in business with an ace, 9:11, then comes a series of knockout serves from Rodichev, 14:15. But Radchenko and Militsky don’t seem to notice the block, and fortune favors Bagrey - after his serve, the ball catches the rope and falls into the uninsurable zone, 14:18.

All for volleyball on Friday!

23 February Gazprom-Yugra hosts Ugra-Samotlor at the Premier Arena. Meetings between neighbors are usually called Ugra derby, and a derby is when principled rivals fight to the bone, regardless of the tournament position and other situations. That's pretty much how it will be. Last place in the standings in this case means literally nothing, “Samotlor” is not the Minsk “Builder” of last season. Read more »

thanks, Rajab, Thank you, "Gazprom-Ugra"!

The Surgut team took full revenge for their defeat in the first round, although the game, despite the "dry" score, it wasn't easy. It all started with two strikes from Kurbatov and Radjab into touch. The situation was quickly corrected: Rajab starred, Tkachev hit the rope, 2:2. Our diagonal serve caught the passing ball., implemented by Rodichev - 4:3, first break. The second break was taken with a block by Spodobets, who had recovered from an injury., 9:7, Pavel Borsch immediately reacts with a time-out.