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Photo report. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. 9 tour

Gazprom-Yugra / locomotive (Novosibirsk) 14 November 2020.

Everyone solved their problems

Plamen Konstantinov, who needs to revive the team after quarantine, put the main team. Gazprom-Yugra after, how in the second set Daniil Voronchikhin took the place of the diagonal, half represented by youth players: 17-year-old Maxim Kirillov passed the whole match, and Alexander Slobodyanyuk played in the game. In the first set, residents of Surgut learned to accept a powerful feed from Novosibirsk, what came out so so: Read more »

Lokomotiv is rushing towards us

On Saturday, Gazprom-Yugra will play in Surgut the match of the 9th round of the Russian Championship against Novosibirsk Lokomotiv. Despite, what is the ninth round, this will be the eighth game for our team in the championship: meetings with "Neftyanik", ASK and Dynamo-LO postponed to January, and the games with the capital "Dynamo" and Kazan "Zenit" were held in advance. There is no need to explain the reasons for such a mess: our Read more »

One hundred percent success in Orenburg

Have a touring system, according to which they play in the MVL for four days in a row, there are difficulties. One of them - fatigue accumulates by the last day., injuries appear. But all this is not about our Danila Voronchikhin. On his birthday, he gave himself and the team three aces in a row in the match with the Ufa Berkuts. He also got the set-ball in Read more »

And "Ural" did not submit

Such a "Ural" - tired after five sets the day before, without the main diagonal - "Gazprom-Yugra" in the best years would have rolled out without problems. But now times are different and we have to, primarily, fight your own marriage. In the first set, sleepy equality stumbled at the mark 12:12 - Kostylenko did not cope with the height of Kulikov's glider, Poroshin scored a thrown ball, Shahbanmirzaev attacks Read more »

There was not enough completion again

Match with Kazan "Zenith" at the Russian Cup, the result of which, by mutual agreement of the parties, was included in the national championship, He showed, that Gazprom-Yugra is actually playing without diagonal. Not Radio Miskevich, neither Rajab Shahbanmirzayev again managed to get any acceptable spectacle luggage. The Belarusian occasionally succeeded, but in fact the young winger Alexander ended the match in this position Read more »

The answer did not arrive

Second meeting with the owners of the site, Orenburg "Oilman-UOR", passed without any miracles, although it was tense. It is seen, that the coaching staff worked with the team and today our opponents have earned both a block and an attack. Our guys, tuned in for an easy victory, could hardly restrain the pressure of rivals. The first period the game was played with an equal score, with a margin of one or Read more »

Lost the Torch attack

In the first match of the semifinal of the Russian Cup in Kazan, Gazprom-Yugra met with the Novy Urengoi Fakel. These teams have already played one match in the Super League in Novy Urengoy, and then the owners were naturally stronger, since the people of Surgut played as a youth squad. Today we could not do anything about the "Torch" and the main. Although the starting line-up of Gazprom-Yugra was well known Read more »

Zvezda and Berkuts

Volleyball Youth League, however, as in all volleyball, difficult to predict the team's play- opponent at the start of the season. Players change, guys grow up, young come - young ... So today, with our counterparts, the first set began under the motto: “Come on, lose, otherwise we will lose!"" Berkuts "immediately took the lead, but not due to well-coordinated work on Read more »

Three by two in January

The date of the postponement of the match of the 5th round of the Russian championship has become known, which Gazprom-Yugra and Neftyanik (Orenburg) missed due to quarantine in the team of our rivals. The teams will play two games in a row in Surgut, 9 and 10 January, in offset of the 5th and 17th rounds of the championship. Thus, in January we will have three consecutive double game weekends in Surgut. 16 and 17 Read more »