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Lost the Torch attack

In the first match of the semifinal of the Russian Cup in Kazan, Gazprom-Yugra met with the Novy Urengoi Fakel. These teams have already played one match in the Super League in Novy Urengoy, and then the owners were naturally stronger, since the people of Surgut played as a youth squad. Today we could not do anything about the "Torch" and the main. Although the starting line-up of Gazprom-Yugra was well known Read more »

Zvezda and Berkuts

Volleyball Youth League, however, as in all volleyball, difficult to predict the team's play- opponent at the start of the season. Players change, guys grow up, young come - young ... So today, with our counterparts, the first set began under the motto: “Come on, lose, otherwise we will lose!"" Berkuts "immediately took the lead, but not due to well-coordinated work on Read more »

Three by two in January

The date of the postponement of the match of the 5th round of the Russian championship has become known, which Gazprom-Yugra and Neftyanik (Orenburg) missed due to quarantine in the team of our rivals. The teams will play two games in a row in Surgut, 9 and 10 January, in offset of the 5th and 17th rounds of the championship. Thus, in January we will have three consecutive double game weekends in Surgut. 16 and 17 Read more »

Orenburg promenade

Walk in the South Urals, judging by today's game, it won't be so easy. The second round of the preliminary stage of the Youth League began with the game with the owners of the site for our youth team. "Oilmen", released after quarantine, played nervously in the first set, with a lot of mistakes in serving and receiving. The second set was also a failure. The game of our Read more »

“Ugra star” against “Gazprom-Ugra”

“Ugra star” In anticipation of departure for the 2nd round of the Russian Youth League Championship in. Orenburg held a game training, where they were opposed by second-team players “Gazprom Yugra”. The youth showed themselves worthy in many respects on an equal footing playing with more skilled teammates, which gives confidence in the upcoming games. You can look at the tour schedule on the VK website “Star-Yugra”  

Semi-final of the Russian Cup and a bit of the Super League

Gazprom-Yugra will hold the next weekend in Kazan, where will take part in the semifinal stage of the Russian Cup in group "B". Our rivals - "Fakel", Zenit-Kazan and Ural. Three games in a row with serious opponents is just that, what our team needs in the current circumstances. We are forced to play the squad from wheels and cup matches give a good opportunity to Read more »

Photo report. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. 8 tour

Ugra-Samotlor / Gazprom-Yugra. 31 October 2020.

Equal play, the difference was made by Papazov

At the beginning of the first game, Surgutyans had a good chance to break away, but at the mark 7:4 on a break ball, Rukavishnikov made a mistake in passing, Bezrukov immediately built an ace, and Papazov successfully completed a protracted rally - 7:7. Then - failure on 8:14 on Makarenko's innings: we just can't manage to shoot at the downed reception. Rafael Habibullin Read more »

To Nizhnevartovsk with hope

On Saturday Gazprom-Yugra, if everything is ok (pah-pah-pah, knocking on wood), will play in Nizhnevartovsk with Ugra-Samotlor. For the first time in the long history of the Ugra derby, circumstances have developed in this way, that Surgutyan cannot be called the favorites of the upcoming fight. well, so it will be more interesting! One gets the feeling, that Nizhnevartovsk residents have a non-aggression pact with coronavirus. First, the pandemic saved our Read more »