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Virtual first round

The farther in the summer, the less truly interesting talk. I've got, true, one, but the embargo on it so far. To discuss Kimerov’s deed or Spiridonov’s transition is from hopelessness. And I want some positive, drive. Therefore, I propose to be mentally transported to 26 September and “see” the games of the first round of the championship of Russia. "Dinamo-LO" – ASK Tisevich, Read more »

What will we play?

so, championship formula announced. The fans have two main complaints - lack of playoffs and lack of relegation. I want adrenaline and blood, which is justified, sport after all. Let's try to understand the logic of the decisions made.. Victim of Tokyo As for the full playoffs - he was again sacrificed to the Olympics. Proven solutions do not change: collections must have time to relax, recover and prepare. the, what Read more »

All in places!

This week was surprisingly rich in news.: Poletaev decided, and Vucichevich - no, Kluka in limbo, and Pashitsky - in St. Petersburg. Clubs continue to discuss next season, and Tyumen sends letters of happiness to the players. Generally, have something to talk about. Vucichevich stayed in Ljubljana, perhaps, with Bozhidar Vuchichevich. Basically, we have already commented on the situation: Read more »

Why Vucichevich in Ljubljana

ACH Volley Volleyball Club from Ljubljana reported, that diagonal Bozhidar Vucichevich, signed a two-year contract with Gazprom-Ugra, returned to the Slovenian team. “Due to the current situation in Russia, mainly due to coronavirus, in the end we could not agree to work with a Russian club. I decided to return to the club, where I feel comfortable and safe. Awaiting, what Read more »

Minus "New", plus hope

The situation resembles a deep calm before the storm - in anticipation of decisions on the championship, the volleyball agenda turned into calm. Even individual surges in the transfer market are not heard: everyone signed everyone, who could, details and roughness will spin as certainty. Flying, take off, we fall? The current state of the clubs is slightly irrational. Budgets are sagging, half-ready players: without full Read more »

Surgut in great shape

Among all the uncertainties of what is happening, there is one thing, which is already well known and approved. It's about the game form of Gazprom-Ugra for the season 2020-2021 gg. She did not undergo drastic changes, as it is already one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) in the Super League. But in detail the differences can be seen. Instead of stylized silhouettes of balls in Surgut returned Read more »

What to talk about when there is no volleyball

When there is no volleyball, the perfect time to talk. One trouble - when there is no volleyball, nothing to talk about. Numerous interviews of players and coaches wind around the same: Is Lokomotiv Champion, who's come, who is gone, how we played before and how we will be in the future. Rospotrebnadzor hints Here's how the future is a big question. Not Read more »

The best, come, the remaining

Our next analysis of events will not stop anything, even the absence of these very events. However, some movements on the volleyball front were still observed. Best people so, eg, the results of the competition for the title of best coach and best player of the Super League were summed up. Choosing Plamen Konstantinov as the best of those, who walks along the sideline, no doubt. A pebble in Read more »

Not a response time

Yesterday, 15 may, an online meeting of representatives of Super League clubs was held with the leadership of the IEF. In fact, the format was like that: look at each other, take stock, wish health and patience. Now everyone is in the same suspended state, therefore, it didn’t reach serious conversations, not a single question from the clubs to the leadership of the federation during the conversation - everyone Read more »

Victory Day and volleyball around us

Our "Friday" conversation finally slipped on Saturday, Yes, and coincided with 9 May. therefore, take this opportunity to, congratulations to all of us, what 75 years ago the most terrible chapter of our history ended. Great and Great Victory, primarily, based on those victims, which the people brought to achieve it. About Victory Day With military awards Read more »