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Артем Хабибуллин: “When you win, you progress much faster”

The last season went off with a bang for YUKIOR, the youth team of Gazprom-Ugra. Fourth place in the championship, second - in the International Cup. In the decisive matches, Artem Khabibullin, the head coach of the team, stood at the edge of the pitch, three years ago he played for Gazprom-Ugra in the Super League. Artem already has some coaching experience, and also - his vision of volleyball and a great desire to win. We talked with the youth coach about the past season, about current students, about goals and motivation.

About championship

“In the course of the season, the situation developed like this., that we couldn't count on all the guys. Voronchikhin missed a lot due to injury, then Skvortsov left for the national team, in the last round, seven dropped out at once due to covid. There were always some injuries., disease. Therefore, the championship is not, that it was hard to get into the prize-winners - they barely got into the top six, missed a lot in the beginning. Constantly had to look at the standings, there was no room for error - it also pressed a little.

When they got to the final from the sixth place, the final fourth can be considered a success, but ... You always want more - after all, they could cling to the "bronze"! In Novy Urengoy, in the first round of the Final Six, missed the game with Nizhnevartovsk - they were in the lead in the fourth installment and had to go to a tie-break. The same story in the match against Fakel, led in the fourth set 24:21 and lost 1:3, lost the first batch 24:22. In Moscow, in the second round, gave the same "Torch" three endings, there were many such moments.

On the other hand, in the Youth League there are about eight or nine almost equal, good teams. Yes, Moscow stands out, but the same Kemerovo next season will claim high places, good team near Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk rolled at the finish line ... So we could be second or third, and ninth is youth, fragile nerves, fluctuations in the game, its specifics ».

Pro League Cup

“It just happened at the MVL Cup, that all the strongest were able to go to Nizhnevartovsk. At the same time, we did not have a gain from the main team, so second place is a good result. There were two five-set thrillers in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, two super matches with different pattern, different expectations. Novy Urengoy was within our power, but this team doesn’t quite suit us mentally - there are very self-confident guys, many have passed the institute of national teams, Korney Enns managed to train and play in the Super League. A diagonal of this class can decide the outcome of matches, but we got it right in the end.

Samotlor has half of the squad in the semi-final - the basis of the Superleague, plus other experienced guys. Therefore, the task was simple - wait for your chance, because on the site everything is possible. Now this "everything is possible" is preserved in the minds of the guys, and i believe, that they will tune in differently to any opponent. This is the most valuable, and it's time to forget about the game itself. I'll just add - very important, that we were supported by the club management, believed in us, were there, motivated. This is a common victory. In defense of "Samotlor" I will say, that it is still easier to play with the right to make a mistake, while Nizhnevartovtsy didn’t have this right in that match”.

About the division of labor

“I have been working with the youth team for the second year, Andrey Alekseevich Chirkov and I do not have big differences - who is the head coach, who is older. I've always been more in charge of staging the game, for tactics, he is more selective, discipline, we solve administrative issues together. There is enough work - often it is not even possible to go to the games together, not to leave the guys, left in Khanty-Mansiysk. Important, that we do not communicate from the position of "chief - subordinate", and looking for a common denominator through the arguments, defend our position. As a result, we always find the optimal solution.”.

About promising and prospects

“Many coaches call Vanya Skvortsov the diamond of the Youth League, but not every diamond can become a diamond, he needs the right cut. Everything is in the hands of Ivan, the main thing is not to stop there, not to think, that there is still a lot of time ahead. We have a lot of promising guys, the same Max Kirillov should no longer show himself at the level of the Youth League, central Tebenikhin and Bessogonov, libero Zhenya Klyupa.

There are younger guys, I won't talk about them yet - it's too early. In fact, we try not to deceive anyone and work only with those, who can play at a higher level. We had an example, when they offered one guy to take courses in statistics-analyst, to stay in volleyball".

About smartphones and purposefulness

“Now a very big problem among young people is a pathological attachment to smartphones and computers.. Theoretically, I can take these gadgets and give everyone push-button phones - as a kind of signal to the guys. But better, if they understand: not everyone has outstanding natural data, but there are many other qualities, due to which a person is able to take place - working capacity, purposefulness. Smartphones and laptops are a distraction, they interfere. You don't just have to want something, but to seek, go to your goal, rather than go with the flow, staring at the screen.

If you are with us, then you decided to devote yourself to volleyball, otherwise why all this? Gotta be a fan. I do not understand, When are the matches of the Superleague, Champions League, who do not show late, and people don't even know, who plays where. Must watch, studies, notice, try to copy-parody. A very important quality is to be able to absorb information. Made a mistake - no big deal, but it is very important to draw conclusions, constantly review your actions, instead of mindlessly hitting the ball".

Where are the kids from?

“Guys come to us in different ways.. Andrey Chirkov found the lion's share. They can call me - parents, familiar volleyball players, several scouts work. Rafael Talgatovich is also called directly, know, that there is an excellent springboard in Surgut, conditions for growth. We are looking, invite to fundraiser. Now we have the oldest 2002 the year of birth, the youngest - 2008".

The best conditions in Russia

“I have been living on the basis of the Yugra Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve in Khanty-Mansiysk for two years and I can say for sure, that we have the best conditions in the country. They are even a little "sweet". Ugra residents know, what if something is being done in Khanty-Mansiysk, then with an eye to the best samples, often - generally unique. YUKIOR from this category. Well equipped school, lovely dining room, decent hostel, volleyball hall with new, probably, the best coverage in Russia at the moment, gym, stadium, treatment-and-prophylactic block - children can go to doctors, undergo various procedures. And the swimming pool is always free., all this in one complex - no one simply has this ”.

What then?

"As for next season, then we will set specific tasks, when we get together, look at the guys, evaluate the possibilities. certainly, we will strive to fly as high as possible. I want to instill the spirit of winners in young players from the very beginning, because when you win, you progress much faster. Yes, and play for some places, except for the highest, no longer interested".