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We were riding champion

On Saturday, "Gazprom-Ugra" will play in the "Premier Arena" with the current Russian champion, Kemerovo "Kuzbass". Kemerovchane and this season looks very impressive - lost only the Novosibirsk "Locomotive", but they took over both the "Zenith" and procured a ticket to the Final Four of the Russian Cup. The current "Kuzbass" created by Thomas Sammelvyuo, suddenly converted to the St. Petersburg "Zenith". Last year's league structure in place - Read more »

by cash

The game of "Gazprom-Ugra" with the "Yenisei" has shown, ... What she showed? Nothing new. Crumble in the reception, naoshibatysya of people, drained another to win the game - to this we are able to. scenario friend, and if we are at the Cup of Russia worked out precisely such actions, it certainly made great strides. Kick-off - and immediately "minus three" in the first gliders Strilchuk Read more »

History repeats itself

In the second match of the semi-finals of Cup of Russia, "Gazprom-Ugra" continued to play on the "see all", leaving offside Artem Khabibullina, and "Torch" removed from the site of Yegor crutch, allowing to rest before Sunday's match with "Zenith". As a result, more or less equal equal compositions started the game in his debut set. Surgut went a step further, until the situation is not an ace shrugged Read more »

Semi-final practice

In the first match of the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia, Gazprom-Ugra lost to Zenit St. Petersburg in a semi-training mode. Without Maciej Musai, but with Nikita Kozlov, the Surgut team measured their capabilities - and lost to the powerful Halo Cameho and a more organized block of the opponent. In the first set, we kept the Zenit team in sight until the mark 9:11, it's Dougan charging power ace in Kameho. Read more »


The closest so-called long weekend (from 15 by 17 November) will be busy with the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia. Let us briefly recall the formula: 12 commands, разбитых на три подгруппы, выявят трех финалистов турнира, которые в конце декабря присоединятся к столичному «Динамо» и определят обладателя почетного трофея. Наша группа в составе «Газпром-Югры», "Torches", питерского «Зенита» и «Енисея» соберется в Новом Read more »

After five rounds

Чемпионат в Суперлиге Париматч выдохнул в своем скорострельном графике первой небольшой паузой, связанной с проведением полуфинала Кубка России. Пять туров, as they say, – не повод для знакомства, тем более что не все команды отыграли даже по пять игр. On the other hand, с учетом усеченного формата, за плечами – практически четверть пути. Далеко идущие выводы делать Read more »

a valid name!

We all know online edition sport.business-gazeta.ru , чей волейбольный раздел пользуется заслуженной популярностью у болельщиков. Редакционная политика этого ресурса предусматривает возможность оставлять комментарии к публикациям без предварительной регистрации, which opens up a wide field of activity for individual unscrupulous citizens. In particular, an unknown character took the trouble to post comments, Artem Rafaelevich Khabibullin. Volleyball club "Gazprom-Ugra" Read more »

Strong-willed victory in the UFA!

In the announcement, I spoke to the match, that this game will show the level of our claims, willingness to fight. Well then, seem to be, the character of the team has. A little lacking resource in the fourth zone, and something on trifles, but in general, our boy grew. While impressions are fresh, note, that this victory is a symbiosis of character and control, discipline. It is the case, Read more »


If a match with the "New" was to "Gazprom-Ugra" important, then the meeting in Ufa with Ural will become a landmark. The thing is, that "Ural" for our team is a kind of litmus test of tournament claims, measure of command potential. Our rivals in history had periods of take-off - championship silver, eg; there were also falls with a departure from the Superleague and instant activation Read more »

THEODORE Teodor Salparov RETURNS Surgut

Teodor Teodor Salparov - player of our team! The club confirms the transition of the Bulgarian libero to the Surgut team. Theodore's rich career began at CSKA Sofia. IN 2004 year he moved to the Moscow "Ray", and spent the next season as part of Gazprom-Ugra, after which he played for a year in Dynamo Moscow. Then Salparov returned twice more to his native CSKA, отлучаясь в турецкий «Галатасарай» Read more »