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And "Ural" did not submit

Such a "Ural" - tired after five sets the day before, without the main diagonal - "Gazprom-Yugra" in the best years would have rolled out without problems. But now times are different and we have to, primarily, fight your own marriage. In the first set, sleepy equality stumbled at the mark 12:12 - Kostylenko did not cope with the height of Kulikov's glider, Poroshin scored a thrown ball, Shakhbanmirzaev attacks out-of-bounds, and Nikishin - behind the antenna ... 12:17. All? Not, Ural is also not made of iron - Kostylenko and Miskevich scored, Perrin tapped the block, and then also filed out, 22:22. In the end, a duel between Nikishin and Nikitin was designated, Chereisky scored again with confidence. But in order to win, you must at least serve - and we have two mistakes and an ace from Nikitin under the face cherry on the cake, 24:26.

In the second set, we started well - 4:1 after ace Chereisky. Very little time passed and the ace of the young muse-substitute Artyom Babushkin fixes equality, 5:5. Dovgan barely catches the transfer, Miskevich emergency knocks on the block, 6:8. Then we hung up for a long time in the "favorite" formation with the exit of the bundle from the first zone, the problem was situationally solved by double replacement. Moreover, Anton Malyshev did not twist the alignment and Shakhbanmirzaev starred in the four from the first attempt, 9:13. Play it, however, did not save, and ace Poroshin (16:22) finally calmed beautiful impulses. Ours have roused again, closing with a block of Babushkin and Perrin, Fialkovsky, who replaced Slobodyanyuk, got back from the edge of the block, but late: replay at 20:23 did not bring success, and the risk with the Dovhanyu zone did not justify itself, 20:25.

In the third set, the Akhamins came out to play, Yakutin, Fialkovsky, Shahbanmirzaev i, letting go, according to tradition, the opponent forward, started to cling to a decent bill. Deja vu: submits Kulikov, Shakhbanmirzaev scores, 7:10. Kulikov is serving again, Shakhbanmirzaev scores, 13:17. All the same, only "Ural" managed to find another break somewhere. In the same vein, the game predictably reached the endgame, 18:25 thanks to Nikitin's activity.

The Russian Cup semi-final clearly highlighted our problems. Rather, a PROBLEM called an edge attack. It must be considered in a complex, not personally. Although I would not rule out personal decisions, but ... the whole chain of reception-transmission-attack often falls. On high balls, and even more so on assigned balls, the attackers do not have the physical resource to push the situation in their favor, attempts to play fast volleyball stumble upon a lack of clear understanding of the pace, height, width. Only the interaction between Rukavishnikov and Kostylenko, which was developed last season, is in working order., otherwise, everything needs improvement, twisting and "stuffing" automatism. For which there is almost no time, on Saturday we play in Surgut with the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv.



Date Time Championship
08.11.2020 16:30 Cup of Russia 2020. semifinal


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2420180
Ural (Ufa)2625253


g. Kazan. Volleyball Center "St. Petersburg"
Volleyball Center \"St. Petersburg", 1, Midhata Bulatova Street, 33-th Military town, Farm-2, Privolzhsky district, Kazan, Kazan city district, Tatarstan, Volga Federal District, 420011, Russia
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