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On the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, Gazprom-Ugra is waiting for, perhaps, defining match of the entire championship. In case of victory over Dynamo-LO, we retain real chances of getting into the playoffs, despite the hardest remaining calendar, where to get at least one victory will be akin to a feat (we are waiting for the game against two "Zenith", and away fights in Novy Urengoy and Moscow). If we lose, the Read more »

RESULTS 21 round of Super League

Among the best 21 tour of the Russian volleyball superleague turned out to be the Cuban legionnaire of Gazprom-Ugra Yordan Bisset, who, together with partners, had a good match against Yaroslavich, won 14 points in attack, to them he added four aces and three blocks. Yaroslavich - Gazprom-Ugra 1:3 (25:17, 19:25, 18:25, 23:25). «Ярославич»: Sasha Starovych (16 points, 1 ace, 1 block), Vyacheslav Tarasov (16 points, Read more »


Gazprom-Ugra wins an important victory in Yaroslavl, but you can't say, that she came easy. Especially vague doubts tormented Surgut fans after the first set, in which Gazprom-Ugra seems to have seized the initiative (5:2 after Ace Bisset, playing diagonally), but couldn't keep her, due to own mistakes. Moreover, the hosts, balancing on an equal footing, went ahead to Read more »


After the defeat in Krasnoyarsk, there is no time to lick the wounds – already on Wednesday, Gazprom-Ugra will enter the playground in Yaroslavl. Yaroslavich, although it occupies the last place in the standings, he does not intend to put up with the position of an outsider - this is also evidenced by the recent change of the head coach, and even more recent invitation from Serbian diagonal Sasha Starovich and setter Dmitry Kozlov, and result Read more »


Gazprom-Ugra woke up for a long time on the site, and when I woke up it was already late. In the first game, the hosts made as many as seven errors on the pitch, due to excellent reception had no problems with returning the ball for further attempts to make a difference. And the difference came out largely “thanks to” the marriage of Kirill Ursov on the grid - he failed to bring four times Read more »


Between 16 and 23 February Gazprom-Ugra will hold a series of three away games, the result of which will most directly affect the future prospects of the team. Without going into the wilds of tabular layouts, let's just say: if we bring three victories from Krasnoyarsk, Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg, then the prospects of getting into the playoffs will remain real. If there are two victories, chances will be Read more »


The hosts started the match with Glivenko in the diagonal, Bisset and Ursov in the replay and Chefranov as a substitute central blocker. The guests in the diagonal had the second match Spodobets, and a couple of players at the start were Leontiev and Kostylenko. The activity of Krsmanovich on the block and in the attack brought the first break points to the Surgut team - 4:1. Three points difference Read more »


There are many different derbies in the Super League, principled meetings and even has its own “El Clasico”, we can apply all these epithets to the upcoming meeting between Gazprom-Ugra and Yugra-Samotlor in Surgut. Yes, Nizhnevartovsk are at the bottom of the standings, and the people of Surgut have occupied the ninth line at the moment, but places and points fade into the background, when the neighbors play. Though, Read more »


Gazprom-Ugra lost in three equal endings, respectively, and in the match as a whole. This is just the case, when one or two episodes could turn the game in the other direction, but this did not happen - the Surgut people did not have enough. Mainly, failed to avoid his own marriage. At the beginning of the match, Chefranov and Bisset scored two aces with balls like a blueprint, Read more »


On Wednesday, если верить словам главного тренера «Урала» Константина Сиденко, в Сургуте будет «войнушка» с участием «Газпрома-Югры» и уфимской команды. Anyway, именно так анонсировал предстоящий матч Сиденко – мы, they say, едем на войну. Без шансов, добавил он, проиграть. То есть если ты едешь воевать, то априори победил. Well, определенная логика в этом Read more »