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FLIGHT NORMAL (FLIGHT NORMAL, FLIGHT NORMAL) FLIGHT NORMAL, FLIGHT NORMAL. FLIGHT NORMAL (FLIGHT NORMAL, FLIGHT NORMAL) still raised some questions - sometimes we were too strained to deal with not the most severe opponent - then everything went like clockwork. Our Read more »

РАФАЭЛЬ ХАБИБУЛЛИН: “Time to return to its former glory”

Then came June, players have expired contracts, and therefore it is time for our traditional talk with the head coach of "Gazprom-Ugra" Rafael Khabibullin. We'll talk about everything - the results of the season, new team, plans and prospects ... – Rafael Talgatovich, since the end of the championship passed a long time, there is a possibility without emotion to evaluate the results of the season ... – still raised some questions - sometimes we were too strained to deal with not the most severe opponent - then everything went like clockwork Read more »


While the Russian national team is preparing in Ufa for the home game weekend of the League of Nations, it makes sense to quickly analyze the first game round, held in Serbian Novi Sad. Or does it make no sense? obviously, that ours played against the backdrop of serious loads - otherwise how to explain, that the team played so tensely with the second lineups of the national teams of France and Serbia, and also albeit uncomfortable, Read more »


The so-called "play-out" has absorbed six clubs at once - this is forty percent of the Superleague payroll! They, who did not fit into the first eight, went through the millstones of a two-round tournament for five matches in a row, resulting in, knocking a little, teams lined up in final form. To what extent is exactly this format of “short” games necessary? – debatable question. obviously Read more »


It happened so historically, what commands, who occupied 5-7 seats, before the season saw ourselves in the first four. Hence the definition of "losers", and quotes are present because, that in Russian volleyball as in a joke, bulk gentlemen, but there are not enough free places. In other words, there are many equal teams, someone needed to make room. Lokomotiv stalls Formally Novosibirsk took a step forward Read more »


Do you believe, want - no, but the almost finished text disappeared from the inopportune (and when it comes in handy?) frozen computer. I had to write again. But the conclusions and thoughts are the same. the, what was accumulated during the season, can be erased from hard drive, but not from memory. so, how did the season remember 2018/2019 biennium? Author's version. 1. Epic file Read more »


17 May, in Surgut, an award ceremony was held for the winners of the city competition "Sports Elite-2018". Volleyball club Gazprom-Yugra won the Best Sports Team nomination. Our club has been winning this competition for several years in a row, reaffirming, that volleyball in Surgut was and remains the main game sport. Our team is the only one, representing the city in the elite league. In spite of Read more »


3 Honored coach of Ukraine Mikhail Leonidovich Pozdnyakov passed away on May. He gave his best years to Russian volleyball, worked a lot with young people, brought such masters into the big game, like Oleg Samsonichev, Sergey Baranov, Alexander Gutsalyuk. He worked in the "Belogorya" system, brought Dynamo Krasnodar to the Super League, for many years was an assistant to Rafael Khabibullin in our club. Mikhail Leonidovich was Read more »


The last game of the season caused controversy. One side, whatever one may say - yugorskoe derby, on the other hand, nothing is a decisive match between two tired teams. The day before, Dynamo-LO coach Oleg Sogrin noticed, that the players of "Gazprom-Ugra" have lost mobility, which led to an atypical marriage at the reception. This trend continued in the last game.: residents of Surgut played on Read more »


Gazprom-Yugra played with Dynamo-LO like this, as if the vacation has already begun. "Resort" volleyball led to a natural defeat in three games, although at the end of the third set the course of the match could have turned upside down. A little bit lacked, or rather - the opportunities missed a little earlier. The first set was mostly played on a swing - the opponents alternately took one or two points forward, not letting go Read more »