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Youth League. “Ugra star” ascend to Labytnangi

According to the Regulations on the Russian Championship – the first round of the final of the Youth League takes place on the "Fakel" field. The leadership of the Novy Urengoy club has chosen a new sports palace on the permafrost in the city of Labytnangi as the site for the first round of the final. well, we will see, us, residents of Surgut are no strangers to the cold, but on the volleyball court it will definitely not be cold. Already 2 Martha Read more »

Fight club

The match in Kemerovo turned out to be the most interesting, with good prospects and certainly with an excellent assessment of "Gazprom-Yugra" in the "desire to win" column. Igor Kobzar, who fell ill, fell out of the fighting staff of the owners, but Yegor Krechetov, who replaced him, did not spoil the mass of his attackers, besides, delivering a lot of trouble to the people of Surgut with their glider whistling over the cable. The debut set took place in Read more »

Attempt in Kemerovo

Gazprom-Yugra to hold this Saturday in Kemerovo, visiting the local "Kuzbass". There was a time, when the residents of Surgut carried out the residents of Kemerovo from the playoffs, but now times are different. But at all times, volleyball remains an exciting and entertaining game., which we have the right to count on in the upcoming fight. For the third consecutive season, Kuzbass has remained in the top of Russian volleyball - becoming Read more »

Photo report. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. 23 tour

23 tour. 20.02.2021. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. Zenith (Kazan)

Service and experience played for Zenit

The game was decided by the serve plus the experience of the Kazan players. Maxim Mikhailov never appeared on the set, but Denis Zemchenok quite worthily replaced the main scorer of the team. The rest of the "Zenith" was quite combat, as, however, and at Gazprom-Ugra. The equal debut of the first batch tore up the gaining shape Bartosz Bednorzh with three perfect aces in a row, 4:8. Actually, this gap predetermined Read more »

Kazan in Surgut

On Saturday, Gazprom-Yugra receives a special guest at the Premier Arena - Zenit Kazan. For many years, this club has been the undisputed flagship of Russian and European club volleyball.. And now, when the competition in the national championship intensified, remains one of the heavyweights. The upcoming game is also interesting because, that the last meeting of the teams in Surgut 7 Martha 2020 of the year ended with a sensational victory for the hosts Read more »

Didn't catch up with Lokomotiv

Gazprom-Yugra started the game more than confidently in Novosibirsk: starting 4:1 transformed into 8:2 - the hosts lost Luburic in the attack, and at the Surgutian Shakhbanmirzaev svirepstvoval. Having lost a few faithful final games, the guests allowed the opponent to sneak up to a distance of three breaks, 11:8, but then again confidently took the threads of the game into their own hands. Having played more concentrated and evil, winning serve Read more »

To Novosibirsk for a surprise

On Sunday, Gazprom-Yugra starts the final spurt of the championship, where he will meet all the leaders. There is little chance of survival in this grinder, but we will try. First point - Novosibirsk. The opponent has been studied up and down, from fresh factors - Lokomotiv has just played a bubble in the Champions League. This circumstance may have a value for Surgut residents as with a plus, So Read more »

Photo report. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. 21 tour

21 tour. 06.02.2021. Russian championship 2021. men. Super Parimatch. Ugra-Samotlor (Nizhnevartovsk)

Took, gave away, taken away

In the first two sets, there was only one team on the court. The hosts tortured guests with serves (shortened, which Masliev did not have time for), terrorized by the block, looked much more confident in attack. As a consequence, the game is with one goal, 25:13, 25:14. Continue in the same spirit did not work: Valery Pyaskovsky, shuffling the composition, finally found the optimal combination and Vartovites, Read more »

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