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thanks, Winners!

79 years ago our country turned out to be stronger. 9 мая 1945-го во всех уголках нашей огромной Родины не могли сдержать слез. И впервые за многие годыслез радости. За эту Победу наши предки заплатили огромную цену: миллионы советских солдат не вернулись домой, миллионы семей не дождались отцов, братьев, дедушек, воевали и женщины. They, кто не Read more »

Happy Birthday, Oleg Viktorovich!

Today is the birthday of the President of the Gazprom-Yugra volleyball club., General Director of Gazprom Transgaz Surgut Oleg Viktorovich Vakhovsky. For many years, the club has felt the care and support of one of the city-forming enterprises of Surgut, backbone company of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. Спортсмены и болельщики видят, что матчи «Газпром-Югры» небезразличны и Вам, Oleg Viktorovich! И это очень важно! От Read more »

Season results: Surgut kept Ugra on the map of big sports

The result of the season for Gazprom-Yugra is generally positive: the main task was completed - the team got into the qualifying round of the playoffs. Can, did not give up and did not merge, talk about the lack of progress compared to last season - still the same 12th place - but upon closer examination there is progress, and quite serious. В прошлом сезоне «Газпром-Югра» выиграла жесткую конкуренцию за 12-ю позицию Read more »

With the last bit of strength

The match turned out to be as strange as possible. "Dinamo-LO", finishing ninth, lost tournament motivation and put up libero Artem Barabash and young Nikita Lapin as a pair of finishers (2006 points were obtained by the birthday boy Kirillov -). His replacement Nikita Borchikov came out to pass instead of Tyushkevich.. All these disturbances actually equalized the “weight” of the playing teams, although our Korotaev-Skvortsov pair should have dominated.

Nova is stronger again

The Surgut team rotated their players at the start, releasing Skvortsov instead of Korotaev, and “Nova” involved youth team setter Nikita Shaldybin in the case. The rest of the composition of the Novokuibyshevites spoke of, that they are going to fight for victory - sheer power and experience.

Not rated

"Miners" (Soligorsk): Wrestling - Avdochenko, Kozitsyn – Safonov, Rich - Masko, Zaborovsky/Kovalev "Gazprom-Yugra" (Surgut): Kirillov – Rudnev, Shevlyakov – Kurbatov, Korotaev - Slobodyanuk, Nagaets Surgut residents arrived in Minsk in an even “lighter” composition, than we were two weeks ago in Sosnovy Bor, without Alexey Rodichev. In his absence, Maxim Kirillov took over the captain's powers.. IN Read more »

We are finishing the season in Minsk

This coming weekend, Gazprom-Yugra will end the season with three matches in Minsk, we will play against Shakhtar again, "Novaya" and "Dynamo-LO". These games have virtually no effect on anything anymore: theoretically we can still bypass Nova, but the difference between 11th place and 12th cannot be called fundamental. Therefore, the Surgut team will continue, what did you do in the first round of the micro-tournament for 9-12 Read more »

Set our sights on the future

There has been a curious change in the composition of the Surgut residents: captain Alexey Rodichev, who had previously played exclusively on the back line, played the game as a receiving libero this time, on his serve he was replaced by young Alexander Evseev, whose role, generally, also a finisher. And Nikita Nagaets was warming up in the uniform of a field player, but never showed up on the set.

Upgrading your character

Oleg Sogrin has noticeably refreshed Nova's lineup compared to the first game against the home team, and we don’t have much to change, We're already playing in experimental mode. Nevertheless, Gazprom-Yugra managed to break the series of defeats from Volga in the championship. It turns out, we are on the right path, albeit with obstacles.

No tragedy

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Kirillov – Rudnev, Krsmanovich - Shevlyakov, Korotaev – Skvortsov, Shakhtar Nagaets (Soligorsk): Wrestling - Avdochenko, Fiel – Kozitsyn, Marchenko - Rich, Zborovsky/Kovalev Surgut residents, having completed, in fact, task for the season, decided to devote the remaining matches of the championship to playing for young people for the future. Vadim Ozhiganov did not come to Sosnovy Bor, Rajab Shahbanmirzaev, Nikita Alekseev, Dmitry Krasikov, which, rather Read more »