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Took, gave away, taken away

In the first two sets, there was only one team on the court. The hosts tortured guests with serves (shortened, which Masliev did not have time for), terrorized by the block, looked much more confident in attack. As a consequence, the game is with one goal, 25:13, 25:14. Continue in the same spirit did not work: Valery Pyaskovsky, shuffling the composition, finally found the optimal combination and Vartovites, Read more »

All for the Ugra derby!

Battle for six points, battle of neighbors in the standings, Ugra derby - all these epithets can be used in relation to the upcoming match between Gazprom-Ugra and Ugra-Samotlor on Saturday. certainly, important and principled match, in which, for the first time in many years, our guests, at least formally, can be considered favorites. They are two wins ahead of us, they have in stock Read more »

Equal play, the difference was made by Papazov

At the beginning of the first game, Surgutyans had a good chance to break away, but at the mark 7:4 on a break ball, Rukavishnikov made a mistake in passing, Bezrukov immediately built an ace, and Papazov successfully completed a protracted rally - 7:7. Then - failure on 8:14 on Makarenko's innings: we just can't manage to shoot at the downed reception. Rafael Habibullin Read more »

To Nizhnevartovsk with hope

On Saturday Gazprom-Yugra, if everything is ok (pah-pah-pah, knocking on wood), will play in Nizhnevartovsk with Ugra-Samotlor. For the first time in the long history of the Ugra derby, circumstances have developed in this way, that Surgutyan cannot be called the favorites of the upcoming fight. well, so it will be more interesting! One gets the feeling, that Nizhnevartovsk residents have a non-aggression pact with coronavirus. First, the pandemic saved our Read more »

We work on the character

After these games have loyal fans have less power, than the players themselves. At least - emotional ... How is it in "Bushido" said? "This samurai happily goes to meet death, sweeping away all obstacles along the way ... ". Actually, I just came up with it myself. One minute after the match. Well, so what? Surgut in the fifth Read more »

ideal test

On the last day of the calendar autumn "Gazprom-Ugra" Nizhnevartovsk play with "Ugra-Samotlor". Yugorskoe derby, the battle for a place in the pit bottom of the standings, attempt to prove something to themselves and others - in this game a lot of subtexts, and the meaning of one - it is necessary to win. The desire is mutual, electric discharges already in the air, a collision is unavoidable, Shakespeare caught the wrong Read more »

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