"Ural" is approaching the "Yenisei"

Attempts to extract intrigue from the confrontation between Yenisei and Ural were unsuccessful - Ural did not really want to invest, and Enisey simply could not do it after the difficult matches the day before.

Ural responded to Brazhnyuk's ace in the debut with shots right through from Gutsalyuk (3:3), Feoktistova (6:6), Rybakova (14:13), and again Feoktistova (18:14) and Gutsalyuk (23:19). The scales tipped in the direction of the Ufimians just at the captain's serves, when 14:14 turned into 18:14. "Ural" helped the opponent a little through low-quality passes of Zhosya to the fourth zone, but the "Yenisei" did not find a second Klets, and the Ufa residents coped through Rybakov, Marechal and Feoktistov, 25:21.

The second set started with a first pace shootout, until Brazhnyuk hit out (8:6 in favor of Ural). Demakov responded with a similar action (10:9) and at this binders stopped experiments in the center of the grid. Ufimtsy made a lot of mistakes on the pitch, but ironically kept eating, and two aces of Gutsalyuk allowed them to create comfort in the end (19:14). In which the role of the savior of the Fatherland was tried on by Gavrilov with two aces, 22:20. In the next draw, Enisey had a great chance to get close, but Klets got under the block. Zhos tried to stimulate the opponent with a poor-quality pass to Rybakov (23:22), but Krasnoyarsk responded by climbing into the net, and Marechal was tired of looking at this exchange of pleasantries, 25:22.

In the third installment, the Ufimians decided, that two aces in the previous set were not worth seven serving errors and switched to a frank roll into Enisey's players. The most interesting, that it worked - the percentage of excellent reception among Krasnoyarsk residents did not increase much, and pre-game chances for Ural continued to come in an acceptable amount. Three mistakes in a row took Enisey from 4:4 on 4:7, mutual pioneer ball with throwing the ball with two hands ended in a block to Gavrilov, 10:6. After a poor-quality pass to Kulikov, Osipov gave way to Kovalikov at the console, but fundamentally nothing has changed. Splashes at the "Yenisei" was not observed, and Gutsalyuk, for prevention, reined in Maksimov, who replaced Brazhnyuk, 23:18. The game ended at the mark 25:20 and, it seems, to the relief of both teams.