Three out of three houses

"Gazprom-Yugra" has again become a good irritant - this time for the "Neftyanik". Surgut took the first two sets, what is called, on class. Two aces of Dovgan (13:8) and almost calm ending in the first set (25:21), but Akhaminov and Rakhmatullin, who came out towards the end, have already shown their teeth. Equal game in the second game, Akhaminov actively uses the centers, good Rakhmatullin, but it is his hit on the net that gives the hosts an important break, 17:15. Another error of the diagonal in the form of holding the ball - 19:16. In the end, Frolov, the libero from Neftyanik, demonstrates excellent defense, but Yakutin gets a set-ball with a second blow, and then a low pass to the pipe to Komarov leads to a blow to the cable, 25:20.

At the start of the third game, everyone, it seemed, is moving towards a confident victory for Gazprom-Ugra – 5:1. But on Kozitsyn's gliders an attack floated in Kostylenko, 5:5. The Surgut people's reception went wrong and, respectively, attackers moved away from the net, but for the time being it was not reflected on the scoreboard. However, closer to the end, Komarov came out to serve and turned 18:18 in 18:20. Ace from Panov - and the Orenburgers get three set-balls (21:24), realizing the second attack of Komarov.

In the fourth batch of "Gazprom-Yugra" is on fire 6:12: Akhaminov skillfully manages the ball with good finishing, and the hosts again have no reception and, Consequently, distinct attacking actions. The people of Surgut patiently waited for the opponent's marriage and rocked Rajab: after a successful attack, the diagonal player knocks out an ace and implements a replay on his serve, 11:13. Rakhmatullin is finally pinned down by a block in the fourth zone, Mosquitoes breaks the kick into touch, 16:16. In the end, Rajab decides again, regularly recovering from the block and drawing up another ace (22:20). And the end of the match was symbolic: Komarov, regularly scored through his namesake Lukyanenko, falls under the block of our binder, 25:22. Tough win over underdog.



Date Time Championship
30.04.2022 19:00 CR 2021-2022


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252522253
Oilman (Orenburg)212025221


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"