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Gazprom-Ugra pleases fans

The second match of the day was much more meaningful and quality, and dramaturgy, than duel between Ural and Neftyanik. Although the first set did not seem to involve a fight, the internal disagreement of Krasnoyarsk residents with what is happening on the site was read without words. And that happened, what the hosts showed in the debut of volleyball of a fairly high level, and the guests made a lot of mistakes. Kirill Klets was not at ease, the fourth zone did not help either (Danila Gavrilov replaced the injured Todor Skrimov). Unless Alexander Yanutov kept the highest level of reception he was accustomed to, but it was not enough to score points - 25:15 in favor of "Gazprom-Ugra".

At the beginning of the second game, Igor Kovalykov and Evgeny Rukavishnikov arranged a shootout at the first pace, and an equal game with two gliders was broken by Kirill Kostylenko, earning a challenge ball and an ace, 13:10. After Klets's attack in touch, Yuri Filippov spins a double substitution, but the appearance of Vitaly Fetsov this time does not change the picture: Dmitry Makarenko works great in the reception and on the net for the hosts, Kabeshov and Kostylenko plait in defense, block is working 21:16 after the cover to Gavrilov. Basically, that's all, 25:20 after Kostylenko's signature fast attack.

The swing begins in the third installment: after a single block by Rukavishnikov to Gavrilov (5:3) Alekseev does not beat the block on the emergency ball, and guests are already ahead, 6:7. Makarenko, like a captain, unloads the cannon in a very timely manner with two aces, plus Kostylenko's effective replay after the Klets attack pulled out in defense, 13:9. Fetsov, who came out after this draw, adds emotions to his partners, but for some time the people of Surgut are afloat, 19:16 after Dovgan's attack.

Everything turns upside down with Ivan Valeev's serve, who, in the manner of "checkers naked", knocks out four (!) ace in a row. Thanks to this series, Enisey earns a serious handicap in the end, 19:22, which Surgut, having realized, begin to eat methodically. Lukyanenko takes risks and wins with the first pace, 23:23 after Yakutin's attack, but Rukavishnikov replaces him on the front line for reasons of greater efficiency on the block.

Nikita Alekseev had a chance to finish the match in three sets, but did not perform a miracle on the emergency ball, 25:25. Krasnoyarsk played three more match-balls, and then implemented the replay through Gavrilov, 28:29. Dovgan takes the first set-ball of Enisey, but can't handle the feed, and then Alekseev picks out a heavy ball from behind his head into touch, 29:31.

It's time to break, but Surgutians are changing tactics, falling asleep with Gavrilov's gliders. It works - 7:3, Rukavishnikov deals with freeballs beautifully. Fetsov and Valeev become active again at Yenisei, rehabilitated on the grid and Gavrilov, and Lukyanenko again changes Rukavishnikov at the mark 10:8. The guests look fresher and roll, Valeev uses the Lukyanenko block, and Kulikov makes Kostylenko make a mistake in the reception, 14:13. An equal fight begins, in which the hosts, it seems, they are about to give up the initiative - in any case, Alekseev has to leave Valeev's serve with heroic efforts. It is also removed after a powerful supply of Klets specially released to increase pressure, 21:20, and Kirillov, who came out from our side, in turn pushes the Yenisei reception away from the net, the consequence of which is Valeev's blow to the block, 22:20.

Again, having Lukyanenko's hands along the line, Valeev unsuccessfully tries to pass in the running direction through Dovgan, 23:21. Lukyanenko delivers a tactical glider to Gavrilov - Dovgan scores a passing ball, 24:21. And another block to the evil genius of Surgut Valeev, this time in the second zone, symbolically brings victory to the people of Surgut.

Match, in which I would like to praise all the players of Gazprom-Ugra, out on the site. The guys showed beautiful selfless volleyball, not allowing the opponent to spread its wings after a great return to the game in the third set.

Comments after the game

Head coach of VK Enisey Krasnoyarsk, Yuri Marinin: Yes, the game was for 11th place, everyone wants to be taller. As I understand it, that not all players have contracts for the next season and they have to show themselves. I think, that not everyone is employed yet, so they try, try. I don't sign contracts, but I'm not happy - we dropped one person due to an injury and the team fell apart in the first two games. This should not be. If you take a person from school and put them on the playground for the first time, then I understand. And there was no team at all., then only played a little bit in the third game. They showed the game, force loves.

Head coach of VK "Gazprom-Yugra" Surgut, Anton Malyshev: Installed today, played well on the block, block protection, held the serve. Then exhaled, relaxed a little, which is why they got. Good, what worked out in the end, continued good work on the block and serve.



Date Time Championship
29.04.2022 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)152031211
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252529253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"