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Won real, looked to the future

that Verbov knows the opponent from the inside and will sort it out to the bone, these would be passions - yes in the playoffs! commands, fighting for survival, shown in Surgut, what is it like to fight to the last. About the first meeting, in which Neftyanik lost even the theoretical chances of leaving the last place, can be read here, but also the second pair of commands, entered the Premier Arena, was no less interesting..

Gazprom-Yugra and Ural have a long history of confrontation and no tournament layouts can lower the level of passions in the clearing. The match began with a more confident game of the hosts - to ace Feoktistov (14:11) Yakutin answered with his shot right through (17:13), and in general, the Surgutians controlled the course of the meeting. Rukavishnikov offered a super-fast game with Alekseev, and Nikita kept pace, extracting bonuses from a broken block, at Ural, Rybakov and Feoktistov were predictably effective. In the end, Alekseev still did not have time for another gentle transfer, and Feoktistov bounced back from the block (22:20) - it was the maximum and dangerous approach of the guests. But then Rybakov sent the ball out of bounds in the playoff, restoring a comfortable advantage for the hosts, which they reached the mark 25:22 - the point is put by the same Alekseev.

In the second set, the opponents changed not only the sides of the court, but also by initiative - now the soloist was "Ural". Released in the first set instead of Zhos Bagrey improved the accuracy of attacks, the guests raised several heavy balls in defense - and there the block worked, covering Alekseev and Makarenko (6:12). When hopeless 10:17 Rafael Khabibullin first releases the blocker of the youth team Pavel Tebenikhin, and then the leader of the youth team, 17-summer Ivan Skvortsov. Rukavishnikov leans on a young player, and Skvortsov scores four out of five, and the team is pulling up in the score to quite decent 21:25.

Checking the future, in the third installment, Khabibullin brings the present back to the court - and a real fight ensues. Two consecutive blocks of Marechal indicate the superiority of the hosts, 7:4. Maréchal refuses to strike for strength and begins to skillfully beat the block, 8:7. Restores the level of useful aggression Alekseev, Yakutin blocks Demakov, 14:12, Kabeshov demonstrates miracles in defense, 15:12. Guests earn two breaks, ace to Rybakova answers Makarenko, Alekseev finishes the game on the third attempt - 21:18. But again we give two breaks in a row - Alekseev in the block, Yakutin hits out, 21:21.

The epic swing begins. Surgutians are the first to get to the set-ball, but Rybakov wins back. At all, Evgeny was flawless in the end - except that he missed another ace from Makarenko (27:26). And the denouement comes only at the mark 31:31 - "Ural" raises the attack of the Surgut captain in defense, but Marechal hits out. And then, at the end of a protracted valid rally, Alekseev enters a lethal position, 33:31.

In the fourth set, most of the distance was one step ahead of the guests. After, how Demakov caught the pipe performed by Makarenko (9:11), Lukyanenko came out to pass and sharply stepped up the game in the center of the grid. At first, this did not bring dividends - Kabeshov decided not to take a rebound from the block, and the ball treacherously landed in a line, another mistake already 12:15. But Dovgan scores twice, and Artem also took part in the group block to Rybakov, 15:16. Finally breaks through Yakutin - attacks and a block to Demakov, 18:18. at level 20:20 Another guest from the future comes out to serve, Maxim Kirillov, and knocks out ace. Another powerful serve and Rybakov on the allotted ball hits out, 22:20. Having obtained the required minimum clearance, "Gazprom-Ugra" through the efforts of Alekseev reaches the match-ball, 24:22, gives food to Feoktistov, but he realizes his chance at the reception through Kostylenko, 25:23.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could

Yury Lissitzky, head coach of VK Ural Ufa: We didn't have enough to win the endings, volleyball starts after twenty. It is also an emotional sport - we also lacked emotions. One moment can both bury, so give strength.

Anton Malyshev, senior coach at Gazprom-Yugra: The game wasn't quite the same., how we saw her, was given hard - the end of the season, the morale of the players is completely different. I am grateful to the team, what did they do, withstood the pressure and won.

Intermediary VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Evgeny Rukavishnikov: We play at home, the task for this round is to win. The match turned out to be quite difficult., nervous, permanent swing. In the fourth installment, the serve and the reception played an important role.: well received, the opponent was pushed a little from the net with a serve, there already the block appeared with protection.



Date Time Championship
28.04.2022 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252133253
Ural (Ufa)222531231


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"