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Surgut roller coaster

Swing game, where a lot was decided by the first set - the only one, passed in a close fight on the court and on the scoreboard. However, the initiative in the opening was predominantly on the side of the hosts: Kirillov issues a single block to Dmitriev (5:3), Murashko from the fourth zone does not place the ball on the line (8:5), Kurbatov draws up the first, but not the last ace for the game (10:7).

Let's swim across the Yenisei?

After a series of victories from three matches, the Surgutians are waiting for home, perhaps, the most difficult of the current opponents. The winning streak of Krasnoyarsk “Enisey” in the last round increased to five games, Moreover, they beat “familiar faces” from ASC, "Kuzbass", "Ural", as well as Fakel and Shakhtar. The main character in “Yenisei” is the diagonal Roman Murashko, top scorer and aceman of the Super League, вносящий Read more »

Gone to perestroika

The hosts immediately found the weak link in the Surgut team: the serve flew to Korotaev, Ivan immediately floated away in the reception, and even tried hard on the net – he hit the block twice, once out, plus, during an effective attack, Alekseev returned the point to “Yenisei” by touching the rope, 0:4. Korotaev is replaced by namesake Skvortsov, Alekseev gets stuck in Ursov's single block, 1:6. And then hits out on a free ball, 3:8.

To the East

After the victory over Ural, Gazprom-Yugra goes to the easternmost point of the PARI Super League - Krasnoyarsk. Already on Wednesday we will have to take to the court against a very strong and worthy opponent in all respects, "Yenisei". In recent years, Krasnoyarsk residents have been in the so-called strong middle peasants, this season the team has noticeably strengthened and is demonstrating very nice team volleyball. On account Read more »

Rematch for the first round

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Krasikov, Kabeshov/Nagaets Yenisei: Osipov - Yakovlev, Kritsky – Brazhnyuk, Dmitriev - Valeev, Yanutov The debut of the match was left for the guests, 2:5. Two aces of Ozhiganov allowed the hosts to feel the ground under their feet (7:7) and even come forward after attacking Rajab on the crash ball, 11:10. But stalled on the grid well started Read more »

Won the battle of characters

Gazprom: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Dyakov/Nagaets Yenisei: Osipov - Yakovlev, Maximov - Brazhnyuk, Dmitriev - Skrimov, Yanutov The teams gave out bright in drama, thrilling match, a real battle of Siberian characters. The Surgut team prepared a surprise - a debutant appeared in the starting lineup and played the entire match, central blocker Dmitry Kurbatov (212 cm). That's why Read more »

Towards the sun

A trip to Krasnoyarsk for Gazprom-Ugra is a step into the unknown. That is, of course, understandably, with whom to play, but what exactly to expect on the site? Including from themselves. Let's start with ourselves. The game with Ural showed, what: Nikita Alekseev is fine; Double replacement is quite a working tool. Makes opponent's blockers twitch, Yes and Read more »

Gazprom-Ugra won the play-out ahead of schedule

Gazprom-Ugra won the play-out tournament ahead of schedule, beating the hosts in Krasnoyarsk with a score 3:1. The start was up to the hosts - in the first set, the Surgut team stalled in a traditionally uncomfortable arrangement for themselves with the release of the setter from the first zone. Score 9:10 turned into 9:14 - "Yenisei" alternately caught Makarenko's block, Shahbanmirzaeva and Dovganya. Next, the Surguts tried to level the gap, im Read more »

Parting words to Krasnoyarsk

Three victories in the first round of the play-out provided Gazprom-Ugra with a calm end to the season, three defeats of "Neftyanik" in Surgut guaranteed the relegation of the Orenburgers. It seems that the intrigue is gone and you can watch the youth, but YUKIOR on the same days is fighting for the MVL Cup in Nizhnevartovsk, so Skvortsov, Teenihin, Slobodyanyuk and Kirillov are there. Besides: what mood did you come to Read more »

"Ural" is approaching the "Yenisei"

Attempts to extract intrigue from the confrontation between Yenisei and Ural were unsuccessful - Ural did not really want to invest, and Enisey simply could not do it after the difficult matches the day before. Ural responded to Brazhnyuk's ace in the debut with shots right through from Gutsalyuk (3:3), Feoktistova (6:6), Rybakova (14:13), and again Feoktistova (18:14) and Gutsalyuk (23:19). The scales have tipped Read more »