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Petar KRSMANOVI?A: "The bride is watching me"

Our first conversation with the young and talented Petar Krsmanovic took place seven years ago, when he first came to Surgut. At that time he was not a very well-known player in the big volleyball world., whose name everyone learned a year later: he topped the ranking of the best central blockers in the Super League, established himself in the Serbian national team, becoming a top-level player.

Seven years later we are talking again. A day has passed since returning from Tula, where Petar flew straight from Japan, where he fought with his teammates to get to the Olympic Games. We started with this topic.


Peter, matches in Japan were not easy. The Serbian national team had the penultimate chance to qualify for the Olympic Games...

Yes, it was just another tournament. First the League of Nations, then the European Championship, then this one, last selection. Looks like the same composition. I can assume, that fatigue took its toll in Japan: seven games in eight days. The last three matches were very important for us, but we lost (0:3 against Japan, 0:3 v. USA, 0:3 v. Slovenia, – author’s note).

Japan is such a strong team?

They are very fast. When they're in shape, they look very powerful. The guys are all short, move very quickly, yes, they also played at home, with your fans. In my opinion they sometimes play, like in video games. Fantasy! There were chances to win, but we didn't use them.

There was also a defeat from Turkey - your team lost in the first match 1:3…

Yes, this is the first game, prepared for it. But the result was very disappointing. We lost in the first game, won the second, and then something broke.

France qualified for the Olympics, Germany, Brazil, USA, Japan, Poland, Canada. Will Serbia be among them??

We now have an advantage in the world rankings, Yes, and Surgut added emotionally, 17 points over Cuba. And so there is a chance to go, and quite big! The only thing, You can't lose to weak teams in the Nations League, this takes points away from us in the overall standings, and a lot. If you give in, conditionally, USA, we won't lose much. But if you lose, how we lost to Turkey in the last qualifying round, there 10 Looks like they gave away points. Just because, that they were lower than us in the ranking. I don’t know who we’ll play with in the Nations League yet., there was no draw.


What is Surgut, "Gazprom-Ugra", mean to you? After all, in fact, here you got a powerful start to your career.

Yes, of course. This was a challenge for me in 2016. Try your hand at one of the strongest championships on the planet.

How did it happen, that you ended up in Surgut then?

Played here by Alexa Brjovic. We communicated, and I have, by the way, had a good season in Argentina. There, of course, not as strong a championship as the Russian one. Talked with Todor Alexiev, Brdzovich said good words. I think, what exactly happened - or Alexa, or Todor spoke with Rafael Talgatovich, convinced him to look at me in action. I wanted this transition, agent wanted, That’s how I ended up in Surgut.

Another powerful challenge is, of course, Italy. But they didn't play that season because of covid. Everything is closed, the prospects are unclear. There was an offer from Verona, Stoychev called, said, let's sign up for three years. The agents and I were generally not against it, they only asked to wait three rounds until the end of the championship. But then the pandemic happened, an uncertainty factor has arisen. Then an offer came from Kemerovo and I agreed.

Last season you became a silver medalist at the Serbian Championship. Played at home, in a comfortable and familiar climate, but you're back in Surgut. Why?

I, true, wanted to spend a year at home. And so it happened, that the conditions offered were good. Yes, silver medals, but I didn't like the level. I'm home, but I didn't feel, that he took a step forward. And is it important. Milan Katic was here. I asked through him, is there any interest in me from Rafael Talgatovich? He said: "Let's, Come. Let's agree". And here I am. I respect you very much, what is he doing here, tries to make the team better every year.


I believe in this team. You need to train well, to improve your work every day. Work on getting rid of stupid mistakes, especially on simple balls.

Besides you, Alexey Obmochaev is among the experienced players in Surgut this year, Nikita Alekseev, Milan Katic.

While I saw, that Alekseev and Obmochaev are such guys, can hit the table with their fist, Milan - captain. The guys listen to them. Milan is a great guy, he wants to work, as a player, as a partner on the court, he never exudes negativity. Only positive. This is important for the team and the club, I find.

Do you spend some time together off-site??

I just arrived, Do not forget. But on the court, in the gym, of course, we and partners, and friends.

The press writes, that Petar Krsmanovic has a complex planning serve.

Accepted, that central, usually, hands the glider. I was no exception. Simple tactics - fewer mistakes. But a while ago I worked on my pitch, made some kind of hybrid with power, and it turned out well. The opponent became, I think, a little more complicated.

We didn’t manage to show our best game against Belgorod?

Not. We made a lot of mistakes on serve. Lost a lot of easy goals. We didn’t realize many follow-ups.

How did the coach react??

Didn't swear, like us - upset. We then analyzed, clearly saw their mistakes, looked, where they didn't finish it. There should be fewer moments like this, of course. I'm looking at every next game, in each of them you must strive to win. It's simple: the more victories, the higher the place in the standings. Our goal is the playoffs.


Petar Krsmanovic is planning a wedding next year. Rumor or truth?

true. Sandra will come to me in Surgut in November, as soon as we get the visa. She's an economist, to her 32 of the year, doesn't work right now, is watching me (laughs, – Author's note).

Where did we meet??

In Novi Sad, year and a half ago. We wrote off on social networks, We agreed to meet and things started to happen. She's not a volleyball player, used to play basketball, but an injury happened and she finished. Currently watching volleyball, of course. When they played in Japan, woke up every day at 6 in the morning, watched the broadcasts. And now I watched the match with Belgorod.


Yes. Why, asks, and able to bring fresh notes to the game Denis Shenkel, what's happened?

You said, watching? How does he watch?? Behind your form, or while playing?

Not, just watching the matches, for a career.

And behind the form?

Rafael Talgatovich is the best motivator in this regard. He knows a lot. Well, true, we, athletes, we have a slightly different metabolism and cannot eat, As a person, who works in the office. We are training, calories are burned. They need to be filled correctly. It's a whole science. Meat, fish, vegetables.

Are you counting calories??

Not, I focus on my well-being.


The city has changed, while you were away?

Peter: Well no, same.

First place you went, arriving in Surgut?

Peter: Bank, change money.

Do you communicate with any of the Gazprom-Yugra personnel? 2016/19 years?

Peter: Chefranov, Rodichev, The place of the second central was taken by a native of Nizhnevartovsk Maxim Kosmin, Brdjovic, We talked to Safonov before.

Interviewed Dmitry Krukovets

Petar KRSMANOVI?A / 01.06.1990 g.r. Height 205 cm, weight 98 kg. / Center blocker

Serbian national team player, in its composition in 2019 became European champion. Champion of Montenegro and Argentina, winner of the Cup of Montenegro and Argentina, silver medalist of the Serbian Championship 2023 of the year.

  • 2005/2010 "Cacak" (Serbia)
  • 2010/2011 "Metalac" (Serbia)
  • 2011/2014 "Jerdap" (Serbia)
  • 2014/2015 "Budva Riviera" (Montenegro)
  • 2015/2016 UPSN (Argentina)
  • 2016/2019 "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut, Russia)
  • 2019/2020 "Piacenza" (Italy)
  • 2020/2022 "Kuzbass" (Kemerovo, Russia)
  • 2022/2023 "Vojvodina" (Serbia)
  • 2023/n. V. "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut, Russia)