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They fought, were wrong, and able to bring fresh notes to the game Denis Shenkel

"Belogorye" (Belgorod): Poroshin – Podrebinkin, Tetyukhin - Masliev, Tsepkov – Chervyakov, Bragin, Meek.

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Katich - Korotaev, Krsmanovych - Tarasenko, Obmochaev, Nagaec.

For the first set of the championship, the Surgut team, seem to be, forgot to go out. Knocking Korotaev out of the move, the hosts quickly achieved a comfortable advantage (5:2), but were a little delayed in the formation with a diagonal in the fourth zone (6:5). A series of errors along the reception-transmission-attack chain led to the first time-out of Gazprom-Yugra (13:8).

Shakhbanmirzaev came on instead of Alekseev, Korotaev and Katich again blurred the reception, and Rajab hit the ball into touch, 15:8. Al-Khachdadi, who came out to serve, completed the rout, fired three powerful shots, including ace - 19:10. The set was played out by inertia, Poroshin scored another ace on Korotaev (21:12), and Ivan interrupted the suffering of the team with an attack on the block.

After such a slap, the residents of Surgut did not give up. In the opening of the second game the game leveled out, we have improved reception and, Consequently, first tempo attack. But Poroshin got an important break with an ace – the ball, which seemed to be going out of bounds, “pecked” the line, 14:12. Al-Khachdadi's next serve resulted in a passed ball, Surgut residents fought back, and Rajab launched an emergency ball over the fingers of the blockers, 16:15. Then an extremely protracted episode with an abundance of mutually effective block-defense play ended with Korotaev hitting the block, 17:15.

Our guys are back in the game: Rajab is once again good in a difficult situation, and then the block tightly closes Tetyukhin. But joy is premature: video preview shows, that the ball landed in touch with the line... The hosts in the fight maintain a distance of two points until the mark 21:19, after which it all ends unexpectedly quickly: best player of the match Masliev is removed from the team, Rajaba closes the block, and Stanislav draws up an ace - 24:19. Katic failed to clear the set ball because of the antenna, 25:19.

In the third game, the Surgut team stayed in the fairway until Tetyukhin’s ace – 10:7. Then the chase and video reviews were not in favor of Gazprom-Ugra: two shots from Podrebinkin into touch caught the fingers of the blockers (12:11), in a similar situation, Katic's shot into touch was made without contact, 13:11. And then - Poroshin's serve to Korotaev, passing ball and Masliev on it, 14:11. Another ace from Stanislav - 16:12. Podrebinkin knocks Obmochaev out of the move - 19:15. Ozhiganov makes a mistake in the transmission - 20:16. Ace Tetyukhina - 22:16.

In the end, attempts to complicate the serve on the part of Gazprom-Yugra led to three consecutive errors in this element, Krsmanovic was the last one to fail on match point..

The game left a strange feeling. With the basic elements completely lost, the Surgut team somehow managed to stay on equal terms for quite a long time in two sets. And if only I had a little more luck... But overall, of course, lost the case. A mostly toothless serve and a collapsed technique did not allow us to build something coherent on the net., while “Belogorye” played like a well-oiled machine.



Date Time Championship
14.10.2023 18:00 CR 2023-2024


Belogorie (Belgorod)2525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1319190


g. Brick / MSC "Tula-Arena"
g. Brick, MSc \"Tula Arena"

Belogorie (Belgorod)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS