Rebuilt on time

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Nagaets/Dyakov

"Oilman": Khaibulov - Vasiliev, Kranin - Andreev, Panov - Danilov, Maksymenko

In the debut of the match, the Surgut team refused to hold the reception, on which the guests were released - 2:6 after Ace Danilov. All attempts to get close in the score rested on unrealized through the fourth zone of the replay, and Neftyanik had everything in order in this set: and reception, The opponent only had discounts per block, and attack. Rafael Khabibullin tried Kirill Kostylenko instead of Milan Katic, and the connection between Kirillov and Shahbanmirzaev ends. Score 20:15 in their favor, the guests, in two blocks, turned Kostylenko and Radzhaba into 22:15 and calmly took honestly earned, 25:16 after filing the diagonal surgut into the net.

Turned around in the second set: thanks to the ace of Katic, who returned at the end of the first set, and the Vasiliev block from Makarenko, Gazprom-Ugra went ahead, 7:3. Then the motor work of Dyakov in defense, Alekseev's stability in attack, earned a block of the hosts and the mistakes of the Orenburgers in the attack aggravated the gap - 13:7 after Danilov's attack out of bounds. In the end, Piun scores and issues a block to Kranin, 22:14, "Neftyanik" starts a number of substitutions (double Ushkov - Rakhmatullin and Kozitsyn instead of Kranin), but this is with an eye on the third set. And Piun put the end of the block in the endgame of a protracted beautiful rally, in which both teams wanted to assert themselves, regardless of the scoreboard.

In the third installment, the guests tried to seize the initiative again, 3:5, but Alekseev is twice good on emergency balls, and Ozhiganov knocks out branded aces twice in a forceful manner, 9:6. Starts entering Katic god mode, closing the Vasiliev block, 11:7. Dyakov immediately gives his magnificent defense one more chance, and Katic uses it, but the video preview captures the touch of the grid on the block by the Surguts. This episode slowed down the hosts, went own marriage, and Kozitsyn restores balance with a glider in Nagayets, 15:15. Surgutyans, making a mistake on power feeds, switch to tactical glider, looking for Sergei Panov in the reception. Krasikov, who came out specially with this mission, twice targets the player, first forcing Ushkov to make a mistake in the transfer after a long run, and then Panov himself hits out of bounds through the cable, 18:15.

Ushkov is wrong again, giving a sharp pass to Andreev almost from the center of the site - a kick out of bounds, 20:16. The advantage over the ending is again comfortable, but Alekseev cannot shoot twice on assigned balls from the fourth zone (Well done, Maksymenko!), and Rakhmatullin scored in the finals - 20:19. Diagonal Gazprom-Ugra shows character, scoring an emergency ball with a standing kick, and from the mark 22:21 Surgut turns on Katic. Three of his attacks are power, forced reset to a free corner of the field and a beautiful soft rebound along the edge of the block - bring four set-balls to the hosts, 24:20. Rakhmatullin is removed, but puts a point, naturally, Katic with a "burning" hand, 25:21. Surgutians finally found support in the fourth zone, it immediately brought a lot of bonuses.

In the fourth set, the hosts did not shelve the matter and plunged the guests, who had been stubbornly fighting before, into confusion: Alekseev is great again on emergency balls, Ozhiganov is an excellent scarecrow, again good in the "four" Katic, and Makarenko scores a pipe, 5:1. Early time-out of Neftyanik does not change the picture: the sky is blocked by the Surgut block, 9:3. Surgutians finally switch to a glider, giving guests the opportunity to come up with something on the grid, and Krasikov, who again came out to serve, deceives Panov's expectations, falling into line, 14:7. Katic scores an allotted ball on a triple block, 15:9, and the picture is completed. Another double substitution, as well as the exit of Karpenko instead of Danilov is not able to change it: hosts act clearly and confidently, not allowing guests to raise their heads. The hero of the day Katic puts an end to Vasilyev with a block, 25:16.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Head coach of VC "Neftyanik" (Orenburg) Alexey Rudakov: We were preparing for a tough game, Gazprom-Ugra played well last round, beat "Enisey", who was on the move. If in the first game we managed to block, did not allow the opponent to score high goals, then in the second and subsequent games we scored a lot of high goals, which were to be mitigated or blocked. To everything we failed with our own attack, did not score on a single block, were wrong - therefore such a result. If in the first batch we didn't give, so to speak, im breathing, then in the second game they felt confident and continued in the same spirit. The guys in Surgut are skilled, they lack skill.

Captain of VK "Neftyanik" (Orenburg) Vitaliy Vasiliev: It seemed, that we are ready, but mistakes in attack, goals not scored did not allow us to impose a struggle throughout the game. We have a lot to work on, to take those games, which we, probably, are obliged to take. Especially, of course, in the home arena. We understood, that in Surgut there will be no easy walk, that's how it happened. Will hope, that at least we will impose a fight at home.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut) Alexander Gorbatkov: Neftyanik is our direct competitor, direct rival, who had to win. They got adrenaline in the game with the "Torch", were on the rise. And we doubted somewhere - this is my personal opinion. So we were beaten in the first set. But, plus the team - were able to rebuild. Tune in to their game, struck back and the result was not long in coming. Motivation worked. But a good opponent. As for the transition to planning feed: strength sometimes does not bear fruit. Reception they held, I had to find some way out, so we switched to a glider.

Captain of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" (Surgut) Dmitry Makarenko: Do not know, what happened in the first game, probably, cold outside (smiles - author.). warmed up, so to speak. Orenburg played the first game very well, took us apart. They gave in, accepted, boxed, and we made a lot of mistakes. Then we removed our marriage, calmed down, started playing that volleyball, which the, so to speak, we train. Natural and very pleasant victory. Orenburg cheered us up after the first game, thank them for that. Any victory, any set won gives an emotional outburst, thanks for this and the fans, who always cheer us up.



Date Time Championship
27.11.2022 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)192525253
Oilman (Orenburg)251621161


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"