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Victory in exchange for experience

"Builder": Tomashevsky - Kuleshov, Korotaev - Konovalov, Fedorov - Minenkov, Ratutsky

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Ionov, Kabeshov/Nagaec

Gazprom-Yugra is very cold-blooded, on experience, beat the young and explosive Stroitel in Minsk.

The start of the match was even: Nikita Kuleshov and Ivan Korotaev took their toll on offense, we responded with patience, block, discounts and wagering by hand. The case was moved by the ace of Dmitry Makarenko - 14:12. Another tight pitch, this time from Kirill Piun, and setter from Minsk Vladislav Tomashevsky unsuccessfully plays a net ball with Kuleshov, and then the block to Korotaev in the four arrived in time, 17:13. With a return ace, Kuleshov temporarily sets a distance of two break balls, 17:15, which, after a series of good long draws, reaches a still competitive mark 21:18. The ending with a serve was decided by Vadim Ozhiganov: ace through the touch of the receiver in the fifth zone, ace after Builder's timeout by transfer to the first zone, shortened feed with central blocking and, Consequently, Korotaev picked out the ball from behind his head - out of bounds, 24:18. Kuleshov finally withdrew, but Makarenko was sure of himself, 25:19.

In the second game, confidence became the second name of our team, and the owners began to make mistakes systematically. The arrangement with the diagonal in the fourth zone brought the "Builder" 0:5 at the start. Kuleshov knocked down the sight - or leaned on the ball and hit the block, either looking for winning back from the hands and getting out. A single block by Katich to Kuleshov happened at the mark 13:4, and it seemed, that the "Builder" with a flailing diagonal no longer has weighty arguments. Not, didn't seem: Korotaev hits out and gives way to Arseny Polonsky. After another out from Kuleshov, Oleg Mikanovich changes the setter - another pupil of the Dynamo Moscow system, Nikita Marshavin, appears on the site. Did not help. Ozhiganov lacked a couple of millimeters for the ace, 20:9, but Makarenko had enough with a margin - 22:9. In this situation, the Surgut people allowed themselves a momentary weakness and made a couple of mistakes, but Katic did not pull the cat by the tail, received and confidently scored a fast ball, end the pain of the hosts, 25:13.

At the start of the third game, the video review recorded another ace from Makarenko, 5:3, Kuleshov answered the same - the ball fell off the cable, 5:6. Then the edges of the "Builder" failed again: Konovalov failed to realize the replay, Kuleshov missed the ball again, Korotaev, who came out instead of Konovalov, was closed one-on-one by Nikita Alekseev, 9:5. Then things went like this: a good rally performed by the Minsk team alternated with a couple of productive actions from the Surgut team. Attack of Piun and Polonsky's pipe past the field - 17:11. After the next time-out of the “Builder”, we fight back on defense and Katic rolls an emergency ball over the block into the “pocket”, 18:11. The fourth ace Makarenko - 19:11, and match, despite the activated Ivan Karataev and the efforts of Aleksey Ilkevich, who replaced Kuleshov well, switched to play mode. Katic skillfully works with the block, Alekseev gets match-ball, which is immediately implemented by Ivan Korotaev: his pipe attack was successful, but the spade ruined everything, 25:16.

Young Minskers made in three sets 26 own mistakes, practically giving us a whole batch. Against this background, it was enough for the Surgut team to play clean, without undue risk, but with the necessary level of pressure - which was done. Voyage to Minsk brought "planned" victory, that it wasn't an easy ride: the potential of Minsk youth is quite high and it needs to be controlled every game second, stay on. We ended up with three points., and the "Builder" gained some more experience, which the, hopefully, still allow the team to stand on the wing.



Date Time Championship
30.10.2022 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Builder (Minsk)1913160
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2525253