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The third team leaves Surgut without luggage

At the very beginning, a knee injury was received by the Serbian central blocker Aleksandr Okolic, faced in a game episode with Viktor Nikonenko. There would be no happiness, yes, the misfortune helped - the substitute Artem Dovgan immediately issued an ace and, in general, had a rather vigorous match. The "fault" is the good quick play of Ivan Lukyanenko, which came out instead of Evgeny Rukavishnikov at the mark 6:7. The business of the owners went more fun - another ace from Dovgan (11:10), Andrić's attack out on the line, Pyatyrkin's intercession at the pipe, 17:13, Kovalev's smashing attacks, 19:15. Alekseev's cannon was silent for the entire set, only at the end Nikita earned a point on the emergency ball, 23:20, and the set has reached the mark 25:22.

The gap between the hosts in the second set took shape due to two blocks - Andrich and Titic, - and Eisa Kovalev, 17:12. But an easy walk did not work, Nizhny Novgorod responded with two covers to Alekseev and Makarenko, 18:16. Today was not a diagonal day, Andrich was replaced by Zheleznyakov, but the ending was almost dragged by the Croatian striker. Stepping out under the curtain on the pitch, he turned 23:19 in 23:23, while issuing two aces. Leo's feed into the net brought Gazprom-Yugra a set-ball, which was immediately implemented by Dovgan block at Antonov, replacing Pyatyrkin.

In the third set, Pyatyrkin, who returned to the site, began to rage, but Andrich again went nuts and on duty gave way to Zheleznyakov. Petrovs, with any more or less acceptable refinement, included the first tempo, Lukyanenko answered the same. The tired Nikonenko was replaced by Andreev and Yakutin scored the first block in the center on him, 18:19. By this time, Surgut residents made a double substitution and Rajab took the opportunity to remind himself twice., 20:21. But the third attempt failed - 20:23 and Alekseev and Lukyanenko returned to the site. Pyatyrkin's kick out could restore the intrigue, but the video playback recorded a touch of the block, 21:24, Nikita Lyamin put an end to it, 22:25.

In the opening of the fourth game, Andrich again fails the block and gives way to Zheleznyakov. Pavel is wonderful this time - scores five out of six, but his efforts are not enough: Kovalev is confidently shooting from the height of the Surgutyans, in the center Lukyanenko disperses Yakutin, liberating, finally, heaven and for Alekseev, 15:12. Yakutin loads and serves - Zheleznyakov cannot cope with the emergency ball, but then two mistakes of the hosts - and the guests again breathe in the back, 17:16. Libero Vladislav Dyakov works great for ASK, but his partners will realize the finishing chances every other time. At the most inopportune moment, Zheleznyakov trembled - his attack flies out, 21:18, and immediately Alekseev earns a break point after the block-defense complex is triggered against Titich. Another attempt at Alekseev, but Titic takes revenge with his block, 22:19. Lyamin sends out, another attack by Zheleznyakov flies to the same place and Kovalev ends the match with an ace, 25:19.

"Gazprom-Yugra" removed the "curse" of ASK - before that all four meetings in the Superleague Surgut were defeated by Nizhny Novgorod in the fifth sets. clear, why today Gazprom-Yugra tried so hard to avoid a tie-break and managed to do it. And Nizhny Novgorod became the third team, уехавшей из Сургута без очкового багажа.

Victor Nikonenko, captain of VK «ASK» (Nizhny Novgorod): The game was uninformative, dirty on both sides, but we were wrong much more. A huge number of our own mistakes brought victory to Surgut. Why this happened - I don't know, we'll figure out. We do not score our playoffs, nothing cut at the feed. Surgut was more confident in the game, imposed on us a viscous burdensome game, and we're stuck in this swamp. I wanted to drag into the fifth batch, but as you can see, the ending didn't work for us. As I understand it, that we have minor injuries, proceeded from the fact, what is. Not everyone could play one hundred percent today.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): It's nice to win, pleased the fans, but soon a new game, so stop rejoicing. We will continue to prepare on a daily basis, victories come only through labor. Do you remember, how we started the championship, we are progressing now, growing. The team is already playing without system failures, rotation in progress, players do not drop out, give an increase in quality. In the third game, everything is the same - apparently, this is our Achilles heel. We'll keep thinking, how to do so, so that the command does not turn off. We remembered the result of last season, and not only the past, this team and I always fight to the death, today the most important thing happened - they did not let the opponent raise his head.

Ilya Kovalev, Spiker of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" (Surgut): The opposing team is good, everybody said, that they are stronger than us, but we managed to do that, what did we cook. Teamwork, everyone did their job a little bit. At the beginning of the season, we played with top teams, and now we have rivals of our level, hence the victories. We're getting in shape, self-confidence appears.




Date Time Championship
13.11.2021 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252522253
ASK (Nizhny Novgorod)222325191


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"