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QR code for ASK

In the next home match next Saturday evening, Gazprom-Yugra will match its QR-code to an extremely difficult opponent - Nizhny Novgorod ASK. by the way, the stands of the Premier Arena are reopened for active support (in the sporting sense of the word), just don't forget to grab your own QR code! Suddenly suitable for ASK))). We guarantee you an exciting spectacle in any case, and the match starts at seven o'clock in the evening, don't miss and don't be late!

The history of meetings of the current rivals is short, but very bright. ASK, inheriting if not debts, the former glory of "Gubernia", re-promoted to the Super League two seasons ago. Surgutyans never managed to beat Volzhan in their debut season, losing twice with the score 2:3. And in January 2021 years once again lost twice in a tie-break in an epic two-legged confrontation - due to the pandemic, the matches of the first and second rounds fit into a couple of Surgut days. What is characteristic: out of four lost matches in three we lost in the fifth set "on the flag", 13:15.

So motivation, to finally beat ASK, - more than enough. Especially, it is very difficult for the people of Surgut to do this, but within the power. In the current championship, the Nizhny Novgorod team was even able to cling to the fourth place for some time, but the current seventh with three victories in the asset - so far more, than Gazprom-Yugra has.
The team in Nizhny Novgorod was extremely curious. Let's start off with, that the starting lineup of ASK is the most experienced in the Super League. Andrey Titich - 35 years old, Nikita Lyamin - 36, Alexander Pyatyrkin - 35, Denis Petrovs - 35, Viktor Nikonenko - 41 year! Team captain Nikonenko on 10 years older than head coach Andrey Dranishnikov, the youngest coach of the Super League. How do you like that? And these people worked well together and demonstrate all the benefits of experience without all the disadvantages of fatigue..

Separately, it should be said about the diagonal ASK, Croatian national team player Leo Andriche. Nizhny has always paid special attention to this position. (affects, probably, volleyball past of the team director Dmitry Fomin). With Igor Shulepova, coached ASK in the first season of the Super League, Frenchman John Wendt was terrified of rivals, last season, under the Ukrainian specialist Yuriy Filippov, the main array of points was earned by the player of the Ukrainian national team Dmitry Viyetsky, today the banner was picked up by Andrich. And how did I pick up! He resembles Viecki in the game model, and the quality of the game is in no way inferior to him, while serving, perhaps, looks stronger.

Generally, if the ACK players have no doubts, that for them the main threat in Surgut will come from Nikita Alekseev, then we, in turn, are sure of the problems from Andrich. But the rest are fire! Titic and Nikonenko will crush, if not by force, then charisma, Pyatyrkin is able to work efficiently with the block from experience, Nikita Lyamin is back after a long break from beach volleyball and demonstrates amazing functionality, typed in the sand. Well, the Latvian Denis Petrovs has been devoted to ASK since the times, when the club was not allowed to declare legionnaires - and plays the game inventive and varied.

With such a team of performers to Andrey Dranishnikov, who himself ended his career as a libero in Nizhny Novgorod, and then was an assistant with Shulepov with Filippov, quite easy to find common ground. Beating ASK is not an easy task, but, we repeat, she is quite on the shoulder of the picking up pace of Surgut. On condition, that this very move will be recruited and the necessary level of concentration will be maintained throughout the entire match, no matter how long it lasts. We've been burned four times already, no more! Saturday's match promises real heat in November Surgut, and filled in accordance with all sanitary standards, the stands of the Premier Arena can play a special role at this volleyball festival. We are waiting for everyone by seven in the evening!