day five: fight and seek

Gazprom-Yugra tried to hook something at the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv, who, after four victories, rotated the roster, releasing at the base of Nickel, Tkacheva and Komarova. But Sergey Savin was also on the court - he distinguished himself in the opening of the match, scoring five times in attack, 9:10. From the middle of the set, residents of Surgut began distributing breaks: Alekseev hits out-of-bounds on the line, 15:18, Makarenko became easy prey in the fourth zone, 17:22. Kirill Fialkovsky, who came out to serve, draws up an ace, giving hope, 19:21, but then he is mistaken, and then - touching the grid from our side and attacking Savin with a pipe, 20:25.

But the Surgut residents could have taken the second set. 17:11 - more than a good claim for success, obtained through more disciplined play, Shakhbanmirzaev's activity and excellent play in Kabeshov's defense. Lokomotiv coaching staff throws Rodichev into battle, and after Savin's two mistakes in the attack, the ending promises quite a comfortable hike for success, 20:15. But the closer to the cherished mark, the harder the glasses were given to the people of Surgut, although we still managed to endure up to two set points, 24:22. Lyzik played the first, and in the second attempt, after a downed hold, Shakhbanmirzaev did not risk it, but also failed to insure myself, 24:24. And then Lyzik arrived in time with an ace, 24:25. To the credit of the owners, they still withstood a protracted rally, playing countless set-balls, and even brought the balance back to their side. But not destiny - 33:35.

The third set turned into a vigorous workout: Gazprom-Yugra was picking the keys to the rival and to its own reception, while Lokomotiv had no problems on the back line, and the guests played in much more comfortable conditions, 18:25. It remains to count, that the set of form through the games of the Russian Cup will show progress already in Novosibirsk.


Plamen Konstantinov, head coach of VC Lokomotiv: We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to play. I, honestly, not very happy with the reaction of some players, who got a chance today. I expected to see burning eyes, a responsibility, despite, whether the match has a meaning or not. This is the official game, you can show yourself. I give chances - they must be taken, show, what is desire, diligence. In the second batch they waited, that all will be pulled out by more experienced players, Savin and Rodichev, to win the game. If we lost, a completely different game could have gone.

Sergey Savin, captain of VC "Lokomotiv": Today we gave everyone the opportunity to try the ball, return to site. Someone played little, to someone, vice versa, I needed to rest. Therefore, we play enough and get involved. There will be a different volleyball in the championship, the same Surgut always plays well at home. The second batch is confirmation of this - it will be difficult in the season..

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": Professionals are required to add every day. Today we got a serve, block protection worked, but, yet again, still a lot of their own marriage. We lose the endings of the games due to our own mistakes. On the other hand, there are positive changes. Counting, that we will look better already in Novosibirsk. the, what have we shown now, neither the coaching staff likes, not to the players themselves, neither to the audience.

Dmitry Makarenko, Spiker of VC "Gazprom-Yugra": We can fight everyone, while there is not enough teamwork and confidence. You just have to win one game, believe in yourself - it will be better further. While we have something, what we have, in Novosibirsk we will be in a more combat mode.



Date Time Championship
12.09.2021 18:30 CUP OF RUSSIA 2021. MEN. PRELIMINARY STAGE.


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2033180
locomotive (Novosibirsk)2535253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"

On the last game day "Yugra-Samotlor" bit "Kuzbass", although the first set did not foreshadow such a development of events. 25:13, the residents of Kemerovo took full advantage of the wave of mistakes made by the residents of Ugra and seized the leadership. Then it was more fun: Anton Karpukhov was whistled to hold the ball and Nizhnevartovsk took the lead, 13:14. Savely Pozdnyakov performs a circus trick, insuring himself behind himself, block works, 14:15. Getting another break point, “Samotlor” had good chances in the end to leave with 20:22 for comfortable 20:23, but the same Pozdnyakov did not use the chance to finish the game, 21:22. Let's go lingering stubborn pranks, Shcherbakov cleared the first set-ball, 24:24, and then Sapozhkov was unlucky - the ball after his attack landed centimeters on 20 out. Shpilev risked from the back line and also did not put the ball into the court, 26:24, 2:0, but a completely different movie.

0:5 in the debut of the third set, they confirmed the seriousness of the intentions of Nizhnevartovsk. Having missed the victory in the second game, they forced Igor Yurichich to take the first time-out at the mark 5:10, and the second - when the scoreboard hung 13:16. Kuzbass kept hopes up to numbers 16, and then Ruslan Galimov came out to serve and repulsed an impressive streak - the Kemerovo residents over and over again did not find the right solution, 16:24. Ace Sivozheleza came to a nodding analysis, 18:25.

Butko raged on the serve in the fourth game 3:0, comrade's initiative was taken up by two aces by Sivozhelez, 8:1. Kuzbass had to keep the opponent at a safe distance, which they did already with Pakshin and Krechetov in the, 25:17.