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Painted a thriller with "Oilman"

Gazprom-Yugra "and" Neftyanik "in the postponed match of the fifth round gave a real thriller. The hosts left their debut set, playing cleaner on the set and taking breaks due to playing on the block and two aces of Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev, 25:20. In the second batch, "Neftyanik" noticeably added on the feed, and to solve emergency problems, the Surgutyans did not have enough resource, the now diagonal "Gazprom-Yugra" has been in the "case" three times, 20:25.

The third and fourth games also ended in a mirror-like manner., but the plot was different. An equal fight in the third set brought the teams to the end at the mark 21:21. There Kirill Fialkovsky said his word on the pitch, depriving Konstantin Osipov of variability, and Maxim Pudding, who had played flawlessly before that, could not withdraw from the fourth zone, 24:21. After a belated time-out of the Orenburg team, Fialkovsky filed into the net, but Shakhbanmirzaev walked heartily through the hands of the blockers, 25:22.

In the fourth set, the guests continued to press with serve, and their collection of breaks was replenished a little more actively, than the owners. But the appearance of 17-year-old Maxim Kirillov was not the first time that turned the course of the game upside down - a series of his magnificent shots from the endline changed the score from 12:15 on 17:15. Surgut residents seem to have seized their luck by the tail, after the attacks of Shakhbanmirzaev and Kostylenko, the score became 20:17, but ... Shemyatikhin is frankly lucky, after its filing, the ball crashes into the cable and rolls over to the side of Gazprom-Yugra, 20:19. Immediately Kostylenko covers the block, and Pudding implements the replay, 20:21. The end of the set was decided by yesterday's Surgutyan player Leonid Shchadilov - restored balance in the attack, 22:22, and then gave out three powerful serves, completing the set with an ace, 22:25.

In the fifth game, the teams switched sides while scoring 8:4 in favor of "Gazprom-Ugra", who, due to more accurate play, gained a comfortable advantage. Which began to melt rapidly - at "Neftyanik" Shemyatikhin is flawless in attack, and the hosts score every other time. But all the same, in the end, it was enough for the Surgut people to keep eating. Failure occurred at mark 13:12, when Vladimir Vikulov instead of Konstantin Osipov released Pavel Moroz to the front line. The substitution worked one hundred percent - it was Pavel in the fourth zone who realized two out of three additional games, putting an end to the dramatic duel, 13:15.

game, as expected, turned out to be equal and difficult. The decisive word remained with the pitchers, plus more decisive actions of "Neftyanik" in the endings of the fourth and fifth installments bore fruit. Tomorrow the rivals will meet again - now within the 17th round of the Parimatch Super League.


Head coach of VC "Neftyanik" Orenburg Vladimir Vikulov: Seriously preparing, watched previous games of Gazprom-Ugra. Long attached to high-speed gears, your attackers were ahead of us. But gradually they groped their game, got a few balls in defense, Well, in the end you saw everything yourself. Pasha Moroz's exit helped a lot, because they have already begun to cope with Maxim Purin. Well done guys, gave all their strength, and tomorrow we need to prepare for a new match.


Wing Spiker VK "Neftyanik" Orenburg Leonid Shchadilov: Teams are roughly equal, every victory is now worth its weight in gold. The emotional outburst in the endings of the fourth and fifth games helped us to win.. I have, of course, there was additional motivation, after all, I've spent more than one year here. I wanted to prove, show. I am glad, what did it do.


Anton Malyshev, senior coach at Gazprom-Yugra: I really wanted to win. The game was ragged, ragged rhythm, the game initially did not work out like this, as we intended, could not show your drawing. Rivals are great. We lacked stability, concentration, what i talk about all the time. Instead of, to keep your own game, we start to look at the opponent, play his volleyball. In our situation, this is not a winning option..



Date Time Championship
10.01.2021 18:00 Russian championship 2020-2021


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)25202522132
Oilman (Orenburg)20252225153


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena", volleyball Arena
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