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Tough victory

Gazprom-Yugra "took a difficult revenge from" Neftyanik "for the defeat the day before. At the start of the fight, Vladimir Vikulov rotated yesterday's squad, releasing at the base of Moroz and Panov. Pavel immediately received three blocks, due to what the owners went into the lead, 6:3. If Surgut residents made less mistakes in serving, the gap would surely be big, but seven points presented to the opponent and 15:12. Then young Maxim Kirillov's exit worked again, 20:14. guests, replacing Moroz with Shemyatikhin, didn't quit playing, besides, Gazprom employees helped with their own marriage - 21:18 and time-out Rafael Khabibullina. Oleksandr Slodobyanyuk, who came to serve, draws an ace with a cable and returns comfort in the end, 23:18. Shakhbanmirzaev's excellent serve and Chereyskiy puts an end, 25:20.

The second set began with discouraging 0:3 on powerful serves Osipov. Only the residents of Surgut caught up with the rival (6:6), how they got another powerful discharge from Shchadilov with two aces in a row in Kostylenko, 6:10. Nikishin appears on the site, but so far, at the knocked out reception, he cannot do anything with the Shakhbanmirzaev bloc, 7:13. Rafael Khabibullin releases youth in the person of Kirillov and Voronchikhin, and Fialkovsky starts the team - he recoups the block and returns two aces to Shchadilov, forcing the spiker to make mistakes, 10:13. After ace Nikishin, Surgut residents seem to be involved in the fight, 16:17, but "Neftyanik" confidently holds food and continues to pick up breaks. Panov's attack from the second zone exactly follows the scenario of yesterday's match, 20:24, but can't handle the feed. However, like Shakhbanmirzaev, 21:25.

The whole third set was an equal game, the advantage moved in waves from one opponent to another, depending on, who concentrated better at a certain moment. Closer to the end, another blow to the block from Shakhbanmirzaev gives "Neftyanik" a little more air, 18:20. Orenburg residents are overtaken by the owners at the mark 23:23 - Shchadilov closed in the fourth zone. Leonid immediately corrects himself and with a blow to the block break brings the guests the first and last set-ball: Shakhbanmirzavev is filming, successful block play and Chereisky's discount - 25:24. At the decisive moment Nikishin knocks out an ace without a shadow of a doubt, 26:24.

In the fourth set, we see a similar picture - an equal game with an abundance of protracted rallies. Separately, it is worth noting the central blocking Surgutyans: Dovgan successfully worked on the block throughout the match, and Chereysky was seriously turned on in the attack. Feeling your partner's mood, Rukavishnikov repeatedly charged Denis's hand with balls and he happily hammered them into the opponent's court. Balance before ending (19:19) it was Chereysky who violated, and then Nikishin gave a series of powerful innings, depriving the Oilman of organized attacks. At first, Rukavishnikov cold-bloodedly figured out the replay with an unexpected discount in the "pot", and then used Chereisky again, 23:19. On account of Denis and the next point, 24:20. When Gazprom-Ugra fans breathed a sigh of relief, a real miracle was created by Shchadilov - three aces plus Shakhbanmirzaev's kick in touch, everything turned upside down, 24:25.

In the valid ending, Shemyatikhin's kick out-of-bounds became decisive, who gave the hosts a match-ball, and the block of the hero of the match Chereisky who almost became a hero Shchadilov, 29:27. He showed character, Gazprom-Yugra did something, что не удалось накануне – вырвала столь необходимую трехочковую победу.

Head coach of VC "Neftyanik" Orenburg Vladimir Vikulov: Failed to inject fresh blood at the beginning of the game. Expected, that the guys will show themselves better. In the second game, I returned yesterday's squad, started to play. Playing two days in a row is hard, it is seen, that the command is empty from the other side, and ours is also devastated emotionally and physically. I think, что сегодня сургутянам победить помогли родные стены.


Wing Spiker VK "Neftyanik" Orenburg Leonid Shchadilov: The game was the same as yesterday, tense enough. Yesterday we did our best and today we didn't have enough strength in the end. Tried to get, but it did not work. Playing two days in a row is hard, непривычная нагрузка.


Anton Malyshev, senior coach at Gazprom-Yugra: Today the team has a character. The guys did that, что были обязаны сделать еще вчера.



Date Time Championship
11.01.2021 19:00 Russian championship 2020-2021


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252126293
Oilman (Orenburg)202524271


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena", volleyball Arena
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