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Silver glitter, glint of gold

I didn't want to talk about the results of the Olympics in hot pursuit - there were continuous emotions. Now he still aches for our guys, but you can clearly articulate: The Olympics for the Russian national team ended successfully. A couple of draws at the end of the fifth set, who decided the outcome - the same lottery, which tie-break is usually called. The French definitely deserve the right to participate in it. Read more »

Liter of validol and Podlesnyh for feeding

it seems, for the first time the Russian national team approached the decisive (and she is so!) the game with Brazil is not an underdog. Behind him - two victories over South Americans in a month, But that's not the point. Was seen, how at the group stage the Brazilians really want to beat the Russians - and cannot. No way. No shuffling composition, nor trying to play on Read more »

Playing with the champion

Already at the end of the fourth game day of the second round of the "final six" it was clear, that gold will go to Siberia, to Novosibirsk. For the people of Surgut, everything was still undecided, and in case of a victory over the railroad workers, "Star of Yugra" could hope for bronze, but something happened, what's happened. Lokomotiv remained on the winning rails. First set, equal score in the opening - 5:5, "Star" Read more »

Defeated the bears

There are problematic teams in volleyball games, with which a positive game does not add up. For our players – this is the undefeated "Torch", and with the Kemerovo "Kuzbass-2" in the first round we had to play in a tie-break. With an equal play at the beginning of the first set, Zvezda's attitude to win was already visible, check - 8:8. Further - the attack passes at the first pace Read more »

Olympus did not submit

The first game with the Moscow team in sunny Labytnangi ended with a beautiful victory for the Surgutyans. There was hope for a positive game in the second meeting with Dynamo-Olimp, but the support of the fans, native walls and especially the ceiling, helped the Muscovites in the intense game of the third day of the competition. With an equal play at the beginning of the first game, the excellent work of the Muscovites' bloc is already visible, covered the attack first Read more »

Defeated by aces

The second game day brought no surprises, "Star of Yugra" in three games won over "University", да и весь расклад в турнирной таблице во второй игровой день, видимо не сильно изменится. В начале первой партии образовалось небольшое преимущество сургутян. Игроки обеих команд не рискуют, но и не совершают грубых ошибок, счёт на табло – 14:12. Проводит Read more »

Bad start

Первый день второго финального круга – и опять «Факел» и игра по сценарию первой встречи в Лабытнанги. Новоуренгойская команда опять не повержена, при равной игре соперников. Первое очко эйсом зарабатывает Максим Кириллов, сургутяне в начале партии – впереди счет 5:3. Ворончихин пробивает блок ямальцев, а Слободянюкэйсом увеличивает разрыв в счёте до четырёх очков Read more »

Five decisive games

Less than a week left before the start of the second, the decisive round of the Final Six in the Youth Volleyball League. In the first round, "Star of Yugra" showed a fighting character, having won three victories over the "University", Kuzbass and the capital Dynamo-Olimp, which allowed our team to take an intermediate second place in the standings. Make some predictions for the second round, relying on the games in Labytnangi, probably, not Read more »

Intermediate second place in MVL!

In the Youth Volleyball League "Star of Yugra" played the first round of the Final Six for 1-6 places and quite unexpectedly ended up in second place according to its results! Suddenly, because I finished fifth in the regular season, and she started in the final with two defeats - from Novy Urengoi Fakel and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv-SSHOR. It's not a shame to lose to these teams, Read more »

London Olympics scenario game

The fifth game day was very bright and brought even more uncertainty to the standings.. Our team with great difficulty overcame the Kemerovo "Kuzbass-2", and our neighbors from Ugra from the "University" made a miracle, beating one of the favorites - Dynamo Moscow. Thus, the leader was determined - the Novosibirsk "Lokomotiv-SSHOR" and an outsider, so far the first round, final games - "Kuzbass-2", which tomorrow Read more »