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high class, but not with us

Zenit-Kazan: Christenson - Mikhailov, D. Volkov - Deru, A. Volkov - Kononov, Golubev Gazprom-Ugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Kabeshov The Surgut team started quite cheerfully and even took the lead after a productive attack by Kurbatov and his own ace, 2:1. But the hosts ate the backlog on Rajab's three mistakes in a row - pitching into the net and hitting Read more »

All pass through Kazan

It's our turn to play with the leader at his house. What can you say? Zenit-Kazan in great shape, with a beautiful bench and with thoughts of a championship. For now, for the hosts of the game - time to collect stones, that is, preparing for decisive matches through the remaining games of the preliminary part of the championship. Surely Alexey Verbov will try, if not all, the Read more »

28-first round: non-stop volleyball

The preliminary part of the championship with a swift jack rolls onto the finish line. It seemed, that there is no more intrigue, but she is! What the 28th round is preparing for us, unfolded in the middle of the working week? Here, perhaps, does not smell of intrigue. For "Kuzbass" it is still possible to move in the middle of the standings, so Kemerovo will play like an adult. And the "Builder" in an adult way can one set, Unfortunately. So Read more »

Two different parts of the same match

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Piun - Ionov, Katich - Botin, Nagaets/Vlaskov "Zenith-Kazan": Christenson - Mikhailov, Volkov - Shcherbynin, Deru - Surmachevsky, Golubev This time, Alexei Verbov decided to give Dmitry Volkov a rest, and the Surgutians have a whole clip of players and even coaches left out of the game for medical reasons. Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev replaced Nikita Alekseev diagonally, instead Read more »

The same Kazan

The game with Zenit-Kazan is one of the most serious tests in the PARI Super League, if not the most serious. For some time after the end of the era of Leon in Kazan, they groped for ways to compensate, missing out on titles even with Erwin Ngapeth, but now, it seems, found a new path to greatness. He relies on the triangle, only in a slightly different interpretation. If earlier this Read more »

A lesson from Kazan

"Zenit-Kazan": Christensen - Mihailov, A.Volkov - Volvich, D. Volkov - Deru, Golubev "Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Ionov, Makarenko - Katich, Kabeshov When even one of the best teams in the world rolls over you, it's always annoying. Even when the motivation is different: we wanted to see ours under pressure, and Kazan was preparing for tomorrow's super-principled duel with Read more »

Didn't buy a tie

Nothing already decided from a tournament point of view (both teams reached the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia) the final match between Kazan and Surgut suddenly turned into a good show. The hosts put up the best squad available, and the guests suddenly remembered the times, when there were no diagonals in volleyball nature, but there were two binders on the site at once. Vadim Ozhiganov Read more »

We start in the Russian Cup. First opponent - Belogorye

13 September Gazprom-Ugra will play the first official match of the season, he is, in principle, the first "test of the pen", except for training meetings with Yugra-Samotlor. The preliminary part of the Cup of Russia is considered by our club as part of the pre-season preparation, and sparring partners we are waiting for the most serious. At first, is a 10-time and current owner of the Russian Cup "Zenit-Kazan", second - eight-time trophy winner Read more »

Two words about the championship after the finish

When we were naughty with Final Six predictions, did not leave the feeling, that one way or another something must go wrong. the, what we have identified as the weak point of the Kazan "Zenith", in the end it worked - the so-called winner syndrome affected. “The unbeaten streak in all tournaments has exceeded the fourth ten games, and such chains are purely mathematical Read more »

Our alignment before the Final Six

Before the start of the Final Six in Kazan, we, as always, have fun and make predictions. Describing the strengths and weaknesses of each team seems to be a pointless exercise, for a long season, everything has already been studied up and down. But we will try to focus on the most important thing and turn on Vanga's mode, to make it more interesting. Group A The most powerful weapon - Read more »