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Twentieth round: thirst for sensation

Tours are flying, like migratory birds home, just keep counting. So without further ado - to the calculations. Until spring, true, still far, but i want something like this, spring. sensations, whether?

Inspired by the latest success, Nizhny Novgorod residents go to visit Ural, which the, like the previous rival ASK, on the eve of the dry beat "Ugra-Samotlor". Good sign? We will see. Ufa residents have recovered a little after a series of defeats from leaders and direct competitors and are eager to continue the banquet. By the surnames "Ural" is more solid, but the team plays, and it's not without problems. Take the same match with Kuzbass – seems to be equal, but the threads of the game sailed away. Possible sensation under certain circumstances.

And again I want sensations. But will it work? Kemerovo residents have certain problems in matches with underdogs, but come out winners - due to experience and the length of the bench. The victory will allow Kuzbass to remain in the race for fourth place, tangible motivation. As for the owners, the, repeat, want a sensation.

But here there will be no sensation. Though carcass, even a scarecrow, but Kazan goes to Minsk for three points on duty, which are very important for maintaining the new leadership. What more can be said? Probably, Alexei Verbov can afford to give rest to one of the leaders, but, repeat, Kazan is able to beat Minskers in any composition. And this is not a reproach towards the "Builder", who will get a very useful experience.

After a painful defeat by Nova, the Sosnovobors enter into a series of meetings with leaders, who will check the team of Alexander Klimkin for the level of claims. Muscovites have their own alignment - they are in the race, every point counts. The team of Konstantin Bryansky is resilient, the ability to keep the level - except that in Kazan they were taken by surprise. Dynamo can beat almost any opponent with a serve and a block, but there Kerminen cleans everything and the attackers are fine. I think, Ivovich's efforts, Biryukov and Pirainen/Murashko won't be enough.

Both opponents are stubborn in a good way, both play "from the knife". Another thing, how sharp is this knife. If the Krasnoyarsk players treat with due concentration, first of all, their own game, then there is a high probability that they will leave the site in a good mood. Samotlor has a clear scheme - how it will fly. Achilles heel - endings, however, and "Yenisei" has something to "boast" here. maybe, there will be a game of mistakes: who will play better, he will win.

According to the Hamburg account, Lokomotiv is not a cake now, which was confirmed by the matches with Dynamo and Zenit-Kazan. Problems are known, there are no decisions like transferring Kazachenkov to the replay. Plamen Konstantinov knows better, and we see, that Novosibirsk, for objective reasons, dropped out of the Big Races, which does not cancel the possible entry into the coveted four at the end of the championship. But for now - another problem in the form of Peter. In the game with Dynamo, Zenit lacked a little concentration and Poletaev. Poletaev is not expected, and concentration to win in Novosibirsk should be enough.

There is a wonderful mood and thoughts in Novokuibyshevsk - and why not? Will explain, why: Belogorye is doing well at the moment. I don't remember, when was the last time this command failed. flat, fast cool game, which is not enough for the final take-off to the top. I'm a fan of sensations today, so I'll bet on the game in favor of the hosts.

Vanga on the air