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Higher in the Lower

Having disenchanted the “victory” column with Nizhnevartovsk, we are quickly moving to the next important step - the game with the next neighbor in the standings. Such games are not work for karma, and the result is the most difficult. Going out and beating Zenit is mentally much easier, how to get three points in Nizhny Novgorod. And here, paradoxically, it is important to shed the notorious burden of responsibility and just play like with Zenit, liberated. Will it work?

We won the first round match against ASK in Surgut with ease - 3:0. But in the first two sets, the advantage was minimal., and the gaming problems of that Gazprom-Ugra are very reminiscent of the current. Then Nikita Alekseev gave 29% in attack and gave way to Rajab Shahbanmirzaev, who looked better, but far behind his counterpart Denis Antonov. Pulled out the match on the teeth, on team patience and on that, that the opponent especially did not support Antonov with Titic.

Today, ASC continues to limp personnel: only Antonov recovered - Zheleznyakov flew out. Ten of Nizhny Novgorod came to the last match with Fakel, because of the injury of the main libero Artem Zelenkov, the former libero participated in the training, current head coach Andrei Dranishnikov. Nevertheless, all the main army for the match with Gazprom-Ugra in the ranks: Antonov, Tyushkevich, Titi?, Pyatyrkin, Kitchen, Dougan, Ananiev, Nikonenko.

Our opponent's squad, perhaps, the most experienced in the Superleague, and therefore possessing an extremely stable psyche. Recently played with 2:0 ASK match with Yugra-Samotlor should not be misleading: we ourselves were inferior to Nizhnevartovsk in the same way.

Gazprom-Yugra came to Nizhny Novgorod with a big diagonal question: Nikita Alekseev can’t, let alone reach the peak of form, just enter it, although his skill, experience and charisma are capable of much in such a state. Personally, I continue to believe in him.. Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev still lacks interaction with Vadim Ozhiganov, fast rajab very transfer addicted, and Vadim is still looking for the right height and speed of the pass to him.

The rest is more positive. Dmitry Kurbatov feels more and more confident in the center of the net, Kirill Ionov became a real joker on the pitch, although his glider at the beginning of the championship was very harmless. From the category "there would be no happiness, Yes, misfortune helped ": Dmitry Krasikov used his chance perfectly, having fully and efficiently played the match against Samotlor. Withstood the reception, pinned down an opponent with a serve, played well in attack, becoming the leader in scoring. With the recovery of Milan Katic, the coaching staff will have a pleasant headache: who to release to the site?

Nikita Nagaets continues to please. Let him sometimes make mistakes, but all of them from a great desire, overflowing emotional libero. How many saves does he have?! Well, emotions, coming from him, charge the team - it will be very interesting to look at Nagayets and Dyakov (which also has great potential) in the former native walls.

In general, Gazprom-Ugra, compared to the first meeting with ASK at the Premier Arena 19 October last year, become more whole, mature, combat-ready. It couldn't be otherwise, the team is growing. Will the accumulated potential be enough for success in Nizhny? Opponent is very difficult, primarily, repeat, mentally, that he SHOULD be beaten. hope, that it SHOULD not put pressure on our guys and they will just do their job well.