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Towards the sun

A trip to Krasnoyarsk for Gazprom-Ugra is a step into the unknown. That is, of course, understandably, with whom to play, but what exactly to expect on the site? Including from themselves.

Let's start with ourselves. The game with Ural showed, what:

  1. Nikita Alekseev is fine;
  2. Double replacement is quite a working tool. Makes opponent's blockers twitch, and uncomfortable arrangements “scrolls”;
  3. Milan Katic has seriously strengthened the reception. The problem is, what we have at the core - two receiving players;
  4. Vadim Ozhiganov, of course, noticeably increased both in speed, as well as the quality of decisions. But miracles do not happen - we lose a lot from the second touch;
  5. In the center, two Cyrils show heaven and earth. If Piun is experiencing perhaps the best stretch of his career (pah-pah-pah), then Ionov, after a rather vigorous start, wilted a little;
  6. Such a feeling, that the volleyball gods give us a pitch in a strictly limited amount. If one person flies, it absolutely does not work for another;
  7. No reinforced concrete confidence in the libero, young Nikita Nagaets looks even more interesting than the experienced Alexei Kabeshov.

All the above inputs can be safely edited already in Krasnoyarsk. Such is our team now - balancing, emerging. Rafael Khabibullin once again forced to assemble a workable puzzle, individual elements do not always immediately fall into the allotted place, fall out, although the general pattern is already visible.

Now to the "Yenisei". Team, not showing signs of life at the beginning of the season, won four in a row. curious, that Krasnoyarsk beat three teams, to which we managed to concede - "Kuzbass", "Samotlor" and "Torch". What's happening?

I watched the last game of Siberians with Fakel (true, not completely). A very simple thing - the team plays. Good physical readiness, there is constant movement, except perhaps the libero Alexander Yanutov, due to his vast experience, covers half the court with one glance)). Almost nothing just falls - everything, what can be cleaned, Yenisei cleans up.

Dmitry Yakovlev became more of a team player, works conscientiously. In the playoff to the veteran of the club, the technically gifted Todor Skrimov was joined by the very efficient Semyon Dmitriev. They say, what, breakwater, sat on a bench and "suddenly" shot. Well, he was sitting somewhere, and in Dynamo - now he plays to his strength. And he was good back in Yaroslavich, little bit of experience. Two strong centers: Yuri Brazhnyuk from the Lokomotiv system and Anton Maksimov. strong, so to speak, a bunch of passers: Konstantin Osipov and Igor Kovalykov. Interchangeable, with experience, mentally stable, Kovalikov became more creative, Osipov is more charismatic. Well, our everything Alexander Yanutov, attracting balls like a child candy.

the main thing, that Yuri Filippov succeeded, as it seems from the outside, build a cohesive team, who are chopped for each other until the last draw. Good, all in all, team.

But you can beat her., even in Krasnoyarsk. Gazprom-Ugra has a similar experience, however, you just need to forget about him and prepare as for the game with Zenit, doesn't matter, which. By mood. In the game plan, we have something to oppose to Yenisei, must not lose by nature and, perhaps, prepare a couple of tactical surprises. We believe, we wait, sick.