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In the first circle

so, all teams played each other (Well, nearly) - this is a good reason for preliminary results, which we all love so much. Let's make it short.

1. "Zenit-Kazan" embarked on the rails of the revival of greatness. The components of success are a point hit with Christenson and Volkov, plus Poor Nozh, who cheered up under the American and, of course, all this based on the eternal Mikhailov. At the same time, the club has a number of internal pleasant surprises.: Surmachevsky allowed to forget about Voronkov, Kononov enters orbit, Fedorov burns. Alexey Verbov focuses on the internal atmosphere, but, sorry, tournaments are not won by the atmosphere. While doing it in a family setting, perhaps, more handy. In general, Verbov's concept is very attractive., especially that section, where it says about "cutting" the game into separate episodes, in each of which the team vomits and thrashes, regardless of the score.

2. Lokomotiv pleasantly surprised, especially at the start. How served, how dominated, what avatar of Konstantinov was Abaev! Then slowed down a bit, which is quite natural for any living organism. Always amazed by the quality and depth of the composition of Novosibirsk, but Kurkaev fell out, doigrovchiki sank - and it became clear, that not robots play there, has its weak points, especially against the background of "Civitanova". In general, everything is very sound and at a high level., but to true greatness you need to take a couple more steps. Team on the go, but it is not very clear whether it goes parallel to the horizon or still takes off? Here the second round will give the answer.

3. I will say the unobvious: Dynamo, which mowed all the grass last season, needs to sow the meadow again. Bogdan is proof of this - he came, saw, started playing. Belogortsev - surprised. Who else? Ches, Dmitriev? Good rotation with Pankov, irreplaceable in the foreseeable future, tired to drag the cart Sokolov, acrobatic Podlesnykh remains the key to success. But the creators of this success, paradoxically, are themselves pledged to him.. This season, the repetition of the past is no longer possible., but that's not the point. The thing is, that new motivation is needed.

4. Sammelvuo turned out to be a hostage of Poletaev. Grebennikov, of course, unties the hands of the Kobzar, who has two creatively gifted players (one more and with a crazy height) and extra-class centers. All this so far compensates for the lack of intelligible diagonal power., but only until the decisive battles. All of them, the St. Petersburg "Zenith" has lost so far.

5. "Dinamo-LO", of course, increased significantly before the season. But the truth is, that plays not so much at the expense of the Serbs and Zhigalov, how much on the old "pairs" of Biryukov and the new breath of Pirainen. Sergey is one of the discoveries of the first round. Everyone seemed to know him as reliable No. 2, and here is number 1 and on the case. Well done, but what's next? The effect of surprise will pass, we will see, what will remain (sincerely want, so that all Pirainen remains). As for the team as a whole, then victories are not so easy, and for a place in the Final Six will still have to seriously fight. There is, I think, undisclosed reserve in the form of Maxim Purin.

6. "Kuzbass" faced a number of difficulties in the course of the play. Here are the difficulties of translation with Yurichich, and miss with Alan, and tired of the Siberian sun Butko, and suddenly predictable and sluggish Papazov, and Obmochaev's injury, and age players with differences in the game. But everything seems to be working out. Sergei Lomako, so to speak, had the patience not to break firewood. Became famous in three years, the club is not going to hand over this status to the wardrobe and will actively step on the heels of the higher. And there, you look, and squeeze a couple of heels.

7. ACK is a group of serious men, gathered by prior agreement to win not thanks to, but contrary to. The main positive quality of Nizhny Novgorod residents is composure, dictated by experience. How they "shot" with the last cartridge the hot youth from "Torch" in the last round! After all, it was clear to everyone, that in a tie-break, forces may simply not be enough. Ability to spread out at a distance, to give maximum efficiency with a minimum of energy consumption - this is also an experience. It's always interesting to watch them.. And that, Andrić compensated Wiecki. But ASK is not strong with a diagonal, a, as before, character.

8. "Belogorye", according to Boris Kolchin, takes its place. But with all the positive changes in the composition, with such a hammer, as Al-Khachdadi, with such a quality binder, as Dmitry Kovalev (in Belgorod since the time of the Khamutskys, bright memory to him, there were permanent problems in this position) - it’s impossible to push off with the same quality and fly into the top six. In my humble opinion, succeed in the course of the second round. There is almost everything for this, except for the second player and killer instinct, inherent in that, still "Belogorye". In the first round, the Belgorod team released too many from quite working jaws. The reason? I think, that the spirit of last season hovers over the team. It gradually dissipates, with each victory obtained, it is less and less.

9. "Ugra-Samotlor" is not just "young bulls" according to Verbov, but also quite a nice team game without unnecessary movements and obvious failures. You can talk as much as you like about the rotation of Sapozhkov and Litvinenko, Tits and Kreskin, Shkredov and Verny, Galimova, Shpileva and Pozdnyakov, but Pyaskovsky has this rotation, and she is capable of inflicting serious damage to the opponent. Nothing supernatural is done in Nizhnevartovsk, they just play good team volleyball with an emphasis on a powerful diagonal. The plan is working.

10. It's easy for me to write about the Surgut club, and difficult at the same time for obvious reasons. Variety and alternative appeared this season, which was not the year before. Each time, Rafael Khabibullin, in addition to the obvious tasks, takes on something not so obvious: now we are talking about the revival of Alekseev and an attempt to resuscitate Krasikov's career. Plus a certain carte blanche for Lukyanenko, plus Eremin in the libero position, which is always reverent for Surgut, - work not only with the team, but also with individuals. In Surgut, they want to see the Personality on the site, and that explains a lot. There is one concern: all wins are at home. Home team status is good, but it needs to be diversified with surprises at a party - just the job for a team with character.

11. There are two reasons for the failures of the Yenisei - obvious and not very. obviously, that the team was crippled by an epidemic of injuries - it seems, Krasnoyarsk played only a couple of matches in the optimal line-up. The non-obvious reason is closely related to the first: the bet on the shock trio Klets-Ereshchenko-Skrimov deprived the coaching staff of a full-fledged maneuver. In fact, the team is held hostage by this trident and if someone flies out of the clip, immediately the difficulties begin. Klets, when healthy, able to carry, but the legionnaires are no longer so stable, like before. It remains to be reminded, that the diagonal is in Krasnoyarsk for rent, and next season he will have a lot of offers (probably already have). What is the conclusion from all this?? It will be difficult for Yenisei to catch on to the playoffs, but the team can compete - if everyone is healthy. And for the next season, you need to completely revise the concept..

12. "Torch" finally lost all the grown stars and acted beautifully: began to raise new, having collected a youth hodgepodge under the guidance of the coach of the youth team. And then club interests, anyway, clash with all this beauty: there is an inexorable time between growing a shift and victories, which is almost non-existent. Come out and win here and now - this Super League slogan is cruel, not everyone can do it. But who will cope - he will fly. And sorry, that Babkevich has already played for the national team of Belarus.

13. "Ural" entered the season with the idea of ​​a closed league, and when it was opened, convulsively strengthened by Gutsalyuk and Mareshal. Alexander began to build up, but became the best blocker of the first round, the Frenchman did not spoil the mass either. At the same time, the team has catastrophically few victories., which is quite understandable - the composition was formed under the idea of ​​wintering. Fishermen, of course, can tear and throw, Feoktistov was not in vain a candidate for the national team, and "Ural" will still show itself, if everyone is in order. But now Igor Shulepov has a difficult period, you have to rise again from the depths.

14. "Oilman" was not lucky to sign Alexander Voropaev, which made the game of Orenburg predictable and not always accurate. No offense to the attackers will be told, but it was the binder that could pull them to the proper level of efficiency, and not vice versa. However, not all stars can systematically fix link errors and be a hero on an organized block. Slightly belated replacement for a third (!) Torch setter Andrei Ushkov noticeably revived the situation - twice at the finish of the first round the team was close to success. Will the "Oilman" be able to get out of the basement? to be honest, that with Dmitry Yakovlev in the diagonal - hardly. The potential is there, but he is not yet ready to stop making mistakes at key moments, which is exactly what is required for the ascent.