Day four: on the swing

Gazprom-Yugra has once again demonstrated all the "delights" of preseason volleyball, starting the game with "Yenisei" with a heap of his own mistakes. Nikita Alekseev alone managed to make "-4" in the opening – perhaps, these points were just not enough in the end, 22:25. On the other hand, in the second batch, the Surgutyans' serve flew, which literally crushed Krasnoyarsk residents - 25:15. Alekseev found himself, Dovgan was good, Makarenko began to self-actualize ...

It seemed, that in the third set this story will continue. Enisey was holding on better, but nevertheless the Surgutyans were confidently leading in the score - up to the mark 18:15. Then Lukyanenko, who came out as part of a double substitution, for some reason did not touch the ball with the second touch., and then, with Alekseev behind his back, gave a high pass to the obviously not ready to play on Makarenko's organized block, 18:17. A little more lost reception - and 21:20 turns into 21:23, Vitaly Fettsov, who played well, gave the set, 23:25.

In the fourth installment, Gazprom-Yugra seems to have rushed right off the bat - 4:1 on Alekseev's serves. But Yenisei turned on the patience mode, and ace Valeeva restored the status quo, 8:8, after which the hosts slowly, but surely they began to miss the threads of the game. Fettsov kept his level among the guests, and Shakhbanmirzayev, who came out with us, started knocking on the block and firing the ball into touch. Another series of excellent serves from Valeev - and 17:22, and Perminov put an end to the block-out, 19:25.

Yuri Filippov, head coach of VC "Enisey": The main thing now is the desire of the guys, we arrived without three main players, our third spiker turned out to be injured, so we watched the youth. It's too early to evaluate anything, slowly gaining shape. We made fewer mistakes today, except for the second batch, when Surgut started serving. With this kind of delivery, they can beat anyone.. Then we set up a reception somewhere, got out somewhere in protection.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": No stability, the key to our defeat is our own dirty game, a huge number of unforced errors, because of what they themselves broke the game. Due to negative reception, we did not cope with the attack.



Date Time Championship
11.09.2021 18:30 CUP OF RUSSIA 2021. MEN. PRELIMINARY STAGE.


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)222523191
Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)251525253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"

«Lokomotiv» – "Kuzbass" 3:1

The last time Lokomotiv and Kuzbass met in the bronze final of the national championship. The current match in Surgut was much less significant, but that's why it's no less interesting. In the first set, the intrigue was destroyed by "Kuzbass" – Novosibirsk could not find the keys to this element of the rival in any way. Nevertheless, yielding 7:15, still managed to establish resistance with the expectation of a second batch, 21:25.

And in the second they returned the favor - and also in a flown delivery, 25:13. Lokomotiv's sideplayers were especially convincing, erected by ace. There was a long pause before the third set due to technical problems - the teams even started to warm up again. Then, having begun, the game stalled again at the level 7:6 in favor of Lokomotiv – and again a long pause. It is better to maintain concentration in such a situation with the Novosibirsk people., Alexey Rodichev was especially violent on the court, scoring literally everything and working out in defense, 25:17.

The fourth set of the match is the best, what has so far been played in Surgut. Papazov, unconvincing during the match, did not convince Yurichich in the opening of the set either - he was changed to Pakshin. While Butko was looking, who to rely on in the attack, Lokomotiv seems to have started to move forward, 8:5 after Savin's attack. But the residents of Kemerovo, what is called, took a bite. The game was not running, but due to the dedication and mistakes of the opponent, they were able to level the score, 8:8. Now Lokomotiv has Savin on fire - twice convincing in attack plus ace, 17:14.

But it doesn't work out - plays skillfully from the Sivozhelez block, Obmochaev rushes through the clearing, like in the finale of London, Pakshin and Tenants are issuing aces, 22:21. Pakshin kicks out, but through the barely perceptible touch of the block, 23:23. In the end, the block dominated the tired attackers - Kruglov and Pakshin alternately land in it, and the end in the fight is put by the cover more than once rescuing Sivozhelez, 27:25.