Day three: without admission and submission

Thursday took place, let's call it so, trial Ugra derby, in which "Ugra-Samotlor" appeared as a more collected team with a pronounced attacking leader in the person of Maxim Sapozhkov. Surgut residents are still damp, especially in the line of spikers. Paradox - the choice of players is as rich as ever, and there is no one to lead the team.

In the opening of the first set, the hosts' advantage reached the mark 9:6, but the guests quickly eliminated him and went ahead on a series of gliders by Yuri Tsepkov, 13:18. We had a stalled reception, nothing could be done on the grid Dmitry Makarenko, who, together with Kirill Fialkovsky, was entrusted with a place in the starting lineup. Against the background of an abundance of mutual marriage when putting the ball into the game, the set reached the mark 20:25 - Fialkovsky was not surprised, sending the ball into the net again.

An equal game was played in the first third of the second set, after the mark 7:7 there was a slight superiority of the Nizhnevartovites - again Surgutyan sums up the reception, and Sapozhkov does not let his opponent down, also Fialkovsky knocks on the block, giving way to the namesake Kostylenko. Ace Rajaba Shakhbanmirzaeva returns hope, 10:11, but again relentless Sapozhkov, and the double replacement of Alekseev-Lukyanenko does not bring special dividends.

Residents of Surgut twice close a block in the fourth zone of Savely Pozdnyakov, 15:17, but there is no resource for more, Gazprom-Yugra is alternately lame in all elements, since reception. Shakhbanmirzaev's serve again almost brought back the intrigue (19:20), but for the binder of Nizhnevartovsk, Maxim Kreskin, it is enough to hang the ball higher for Sapozhkov, and twenty-year-old giant (220 cm) easily gains points with attacks over the block. Sapozhkov Eisom gets a set-ball and puts an end to the game himself, 22:25.

In the third set, Rafael Khabibullin seriously twisted the lineup, releasing Ivan Nikishin at the start, Artem Dovganya and Nikita Alekseeva. I liked Alekseev for being charged, but the ball did not reach him often. Ruslan Galimov knocked out Kostylenko twice (8:12), after which Makarenko reappeared on the site, and soon Danila Voronchikhin replaced Nikishin.

Cannot be said, that the people of Surgut did not resist, but they clearly could not take break balls in series with so much of their own marriage and with such a Sapozhkov on the other side of the site. Alekseev scores a good ball, 12:15, but then Rukavishnikov submits to the network. Dovgan scores and shoots ace (15:17), but also cannot keep the serve. In the end Galimov knocked Voronchikhin out of the reception, again there was a massive exchange of marriage in favor of "Samotlor", Well, I put an end to the match, naturally, Sapozhkov, having recouped from the block, 19:25.

Can be repeated, that Gazprom-Yugra still looks disassembled, players allow a lot of their own marriage, there is no proper interaction and, Consequently, not keeping control of the ball. All these typical diseases of the start of the season must pass, but while we're getting in shape through the bumps. Yugra-Samotlor, won the Platonov Cup in St. Petersburg, looks more solid, plus the club managed to find a core striker again. If Maksim Sapozhkov, a pupil of the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv, will continue like this, he risks becoming the next discovery of the Super League.


Valery Pyaskovsky, head coach of VC "Ugra-Samotlor": “Each team has its own tasks. We set the task to prepare and hold the official games at the maximum, played more games, since we played the Platonov Cup, our team felt the course of the game a little earlier. Surgut is now catching up, at the moment we are a little better prepared, that's all. It's hard to play three days in a row, but the substitutions worked for us, guys came out, helped. Everyone was tuned and showed their level ".

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": “The opponent held more meetings, their interactions look better. We lost emotionally, plus we could not stand the game on serve and on reception. It's hard to create a comfortable attack environment with this technique., there was no aggressive presentation, to push the opponent away from the net. Consequently, we were stretched out on the block, it was hard to play. Now let's watch the game again, we will understand the reasons ".



Date Time Championship
09.09.2021 18:30 CUP OF RUSSIA 2021. MEN. PRELIMINARY STAGE.


Ugra-Samotlor (Nizhnevartovsk)2525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2022190


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"


Two words about the match, ended before the match. There are really two words here - Novosibirsk Lokomotiv in the class, in a somewhat academic manner, beat the disassembled Yenisei without any problems 3:0 (25:21, 25:15, 25:14). Plamen Konstantinov passed almost his entire composition through the site, without substitutions, the whole match was played only by the unfading Alexei Rodichev.